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WS 2nd Birthday Celebration and Launching of Global Work Party



Start Time: Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 9:00pm End Time: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 4:30am

Location: Padang Timur (Opposite Amcorp Mall, behind A & W)Street: Jalan Timur

City/Town: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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This event is fully supported by: TOURISM SELANGOR

WOW.... WOW.... WOW!!!!!!!


In conjunction of Waterfall Survivors' 2nd Birthday , Tourism Selangor is generously giving their full support and celebrate with Waterfall Survivors on this special day.

WS in collaboration with 350.org wil also be launching their new wave of 2010 actions by introducing plans for a Global Work Party scheduled for this 10 October 2010 where all over the world, thousands of communities will be putting up solar panels, insulating homes, organizing bicycle parades, cleaning up initiatives and getting to work on the many solutions to the climate crisis.

Where? We will be having our birthday and Global Work Party launching at Padang Timur on 11th July from 9pm onwards.

Games and activities will be at site to make sure you will have a fun filled time until our birthday countdown and campaign launch at 11.00pm.

To add on to the spice to our celebration, FIFA WORLD CUP FEVER, as Waterfall Survivors' 2nd birthday coincides with the WORLD CUP FINALE... WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BIG HUGE SCREEN to broadcast LIVE WORLD CUP FINAL at 2.30am - 4.30am SPECIALLY FOR YOU as our appreciation for your support in the past years!


Don't wait... Spread the news around and bring all your family and friends to CELEBRATE WITH US!!!

The Itinerary

8.30pm - Registration (to get sticker for F& B only for WS Members, Family and Friends) & Musical Performance (ongoing till 11pm)

9.00pm - Free and Easy Activities (Games and Activities and Carnival at site)

11.55pm - Counting Down for WS 2 birthday!


12.10am - Launching of Global Work Party 1010 and Save Our Waterfalls Campaign 10th Oct 2010 by VVIPs and WS President

12.20am - Video Presentation of Waterfall Survivors & 350.org

12.30pm - Heal The World

12.15am - Musical Performance (cont') & other activities


4.30am(approx) - World Cup Finals Champion


Complimentary On the House....

Free flow of coffee and drinks at Waterfall Survivors' Corner. Finger food are also provided on the house!



Our gratitude to: Tourism Selangor

Proudly brought to you by:



DRIVING: here's the map...

GPS COORDINATE: N3° 6.183' , E101° 38.825'



For more information, please contact:

  • Joe Yap 019 6787460
  • Nicholas Tan 014 6303999
  • Cindy Ho 016 3758235

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

WS 2nd Anniversary Save Our Waterfalls "A TRIBUTE TO MOTHER NATURE"



We welcome corporate participation and contribution towards CSR. Please contact us at waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com or 014-6303999

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time: 7:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Sg Liam Waterfalls



So what are we going to do this time???

Where are we going this time??? We are going to Sg. Liam Waterfalls @ Ulu Yam...

DSC_2220DSC-2209  DSC_2231DSC_2244DSC_2238  DSC-2206DSC_2305 DSC-2199  

Meet Up Point: Tesco Mutiara Damansara (wait at Petronas and park your car at The Curve if you are carpooling.

Contribution: F & B (for celebration, please put on the wall what u are bringing and please do not forget to bring your own fork and spoon, plates and cups)

RM10 (for cleaning up contribution)


Terrain : 1 (Scale from 1-10)

Accessibility: Carpark

Driving Distance Direct From Meet Up Point to Waterfalls: Approx 40km (One Way)

Waterfall Trekking Time: 2 minutes

Children: Yes (Above 7 yrs old with outdoor experience)

Meet Up Point: Petronas @ Tesco Mutiara Damansara- N 3° 9.560', E 101° 36.778'(Park your car at The Curve if you are not driving)
Carpooling @ RM0.30/km and toll shared by all passengers including driver and paid direct to your driver

7.00am – Meet Up at meet up point and Breakfast
7.30-7.45am - Leave (Sharp: We are not going to wait if you are late. You will have to drive up and join us in the convoy.)
9.00 am – Reach Carpark
Safety Briefing
2.00pm – FREE & EASY
4.00pm – END
-------------------cut & paste-------------------------
Contact No:
Payment Reference: Date & Reference No.
Trip: WS 2nd Anniversary
Food & Beverage Contribution:

-------------------cut & paste-------------------------
RSVP by 10th July 2010

The Charges includes:
Administration Charges
Cleaning Up Equipment
Certificate of Participation
Safety Equipments:
-First Aid Kit and Medical Kit
-Safety Ropes

Trips are accompanied by:
-Certified Life Guard (certified by Malaysian Life Saving Society)
-Certified First Aider (certified by Malaysian Red Crescent Society)

Terms & Conditions:
- Only registration with payment will be entertained with immediate effect.
- Members should note that an adventure trip involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our members, we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss due to the action of clients which are beyond our control. A signed release or Indemnity Form will be required from all participants from Waterfall Survivors and our sports strategy partners.
-Regrettably no refund will be made as arrangement will be made upon your confirmation of registration and payment.
-Waterfall Survivors and our partners reserve the right to make such alteration to departure and completion dates, reducing the extent of a trip, etc, that we deem necessary due to road, river or weather conditions or other conditions beyond our control including minimum safe running numbers, before and whilst on a trip.

1. How can I participate?
You have to make the payment as stated in the description to Maybank account 1141 9720 7860 (Yap Wei Lea) and email us at waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com your full name, IC/Passport number, mobile contact number and the payment date & transaction number. Registration is only deemed valid if the payment is made. Kindly made all payment before the stated cut-off date.
2. What if I missed the payment dateline?
You are still welcomed to join us. You can register yourself after the dateline, however you will need to pay extra RM10 for day trips and RM20 for overnight or camping trip as walk-in participant as we encourage early online registration before the cut-off for easier coordination.
3. Can I get a refund if I end up not going?
Regrettably no refund will be made as arrangement will be made upon your confirmation of registration and payment.
4. What is the brief itinerary of the event?
Itinerary is stated in the description. Please sms us at 019-6787460 or email us at waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com if you have further query.
5. Where is the meeting up point?
Meeting up point is stated at each event description.
6. How much do we need to pay for transportation?
Carpooling: Calculated based on RM0.30/km and toll charges from meet up point to and fro. Distance from meeting up point one way is stated in the description.
Rule of thumb : (i.e.) 300km(1way) x 2 way x RM0.30(Mileage)+RM0.15(toll:estimation only) = RM270/5 person in the car (including driver) = RM54 per person
Chartered Coach: Yes if charges are inclusive of transportation
7. Where do I park my car?
Note: Do not park your car before carpool arrangements as you may need to drive unless stated otherwise.
Tesco Mutiara Damansara - You may park your car at Petronas or park your car at The Curve(RM3 per entry) after carpool arrangements. If you park at Tesco, be sure you purchase RM5 items from Tesco to obtain FREE PARKING.
Tesco Ampang – Park at Petronas FREE PARKING.
Taman Connaught BHP – Road Side Parking – Please pay parking on Saturdays
Mcdonald’s Taman Connaught – Park at Giant after carpool arrangements if you not driving.
**Please avoid leaving valuables in the car.
8. What time do I have to be at the meet-up point?
For first timers, you are advised to be there at the meet up time stated for registration. Subsequently, be there 15 minutes before the departure from meeting up point.
9. Can I bring children?
For categories with children allowed, we encourage children age 7 and above, and they should be supervised by you at all times.
10. What should I pack?
We advise you to pack light as we do not provide luggage area at the event venue. Here’s a checklist for you and your bag
1) Sandals/Slippers
2) Trekking Shoes for Trekking
3) Day Pack for trekking
4) Torch Lights and Headlamps (For Emergency)
5) Water for drinking
6) Light snacks for Energy during Trekking i.e. Nuts, Chocolate, Granola Bars
7) Extra Clothing to change
8) Towel
9) Camera
10) Medication (if necessary)- First Aid Kit is with Guide
11) Zip lock bag or Dry Sack (to put Non Water Resistant Things)
12) Trekking Pole/ Walking Stick
13) Insect Repellent
14) Poncho or Raincoat
15) Personal Toiletries
16) Personal Floating Device
17) Leech Socks
18) Gloves
19) Windproof Lighters
Camping Trips
1) Sleeping Bags
2) Air Pillow
3) Plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork and Spoon
4) Floor Mat or Yoga Mat
5) Headlamps / Torch Lights (compulsory)
11. Is Food and Beverages provided?
We do not provide food and drinks unless for overnight or camping excursion. Refer to trip description. We encourage our members to bring their own plates, bowl, fork and spoon and cups. As we are always looking into environment consciousness, we do not encourage the use of polystyrene and plastic bags unless no choice.
12. Is there any professional around?
There will be certified Life Guard by Malaysian Life saving Society and certified First Aider by Malaysian Red Crescent Society at each event.
13. What time will it finish?
As per stated in itinerary. On a regular basis, we will continue for lunch or dinner to get to know members better and have some sharing and fellowship together after the activity. Please carpool with those or drive on your own if you do not wish to join in.
14. Can I smoke or consume alcohol or take recreational drugs during the event?
You are allowed to smoke at the event venue, however kindly do so away from the crowd particularly children, as we acknowledge the risk of second-hand smokers. You are also advice to keep your cigarette butts and properly disposed it after the trek.
It is not advisable to drink any alcohol beverage or use any recreational drugs during the event. Kindly note that illicit drugs are punishable by death sentence in Malaysia under the Dangerous Drug Act 1952.
15. What to do and not to do?
i. Do not litter
ii. Bring all rubbish out of the jungle
iii. Do not damage any plants or trees
iv. Do not make excessive noise. Respect the jungle
v. Stay healthy. Do not take unnecessary risks like climbing trees or rocks.
vi. Always listen to advise given by your guides.
vii. Do not stay away from the group, you can easily get lost.
16. Anything else I should know?
You should note that waterfalls and river activities involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our members, we will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss due to the action of members which are beyond our control.
In Waterfall Survivors, safety is always the first on the list besides having fun. Hence we do not allow any members to perform any dangerous acts (i.e. jumping on rocks, standing at edge of waterfalls, wandering away from the group alone and etc) that may put himself to be ban from the group.

For more information, please contact Dominic Koo 016-3230230, Nicholas Tan 014-6303999 or Joe 019-6787640

Email us at: waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snake Bites

source from : http://www.naturemalaysia.com/snake-bites.htm

Poisonous Snakes in Southeast Asia

'Venomous snakes are not poisonous' - The statement above is meant to correct the misnomer of snakes being poisonous, rather than venomous. Poison is something that becomes harmful when ingested or absorbed through the skin while venom is dangerous when injected into the body. Certain frogs, plants and fungi can be poisonous while all snakes that can inject venom are venomous. This is why one can consume snake venom without any ill-effects provided there are no open sores or ulcers in the stomach. So don't be tricked by the wonders of witch doctors or medicine men that perform this act. The venomous snakes of Southeast Asia can be divided into the Elapidae family, which are cobras, kraits, coral snakes and sea snakes; and Crotalidae, belonging to local pit-vipers that are mostly from the Trimeresurus species group.

Snake bite from mountain pit viper Local rear-fanged Colubridae species also secrete venom through the rear fangs but their mode of delivery is highly inefficient, rendering them incapable of delivering serious envenomations in a majority of cases. In Malaysia, snakes bites occur frequently in the northern part of the peninsular, but fatalities are rare. Also, it is often a misconception that snakes inject their venom directly into the blood stream.

Unless the fang hits a nerve, the venom enters primarily through the lymphatic system. Most cases of venomous snake bites on land occur from these species; Calloselasma Rhodostoma (accounts for the highest number of authenticated venomous snake bite in Peninsular Malaysia), Trimeresurus wagleri, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus, Naja sumatrana and Naja kaouthia. Bites from the king cobra or Ophiophagus hannah are very rare but some cases are fatal. Sea snake bites are also very serious in nature and fatalies are not uncommon.

Other medically significant snakes include Bungarus candidus, Bungarus fasciatus, Calliophis species (coral snakes) and other Trimeresurus species of vipers. There is an overwhelming number of cases where the snake responsible was not identified, but generally, the systematic or topical effects of the envenomation will point in the approriate direction and proper treatment.

Elapids generally possess a neurotoxic venom; this attacks the nervous system of the body, causing numbness in the bitten area, paralysis, possible swelling and pain, and a culmunative effect that eventually leads to respiratory failure. Some species such as those from the Calliophis family may not even leave any topical effects or produce significant pain through their bite (also due to having very tiny fangs).

Neurotoxic venom is deadly because of the risk of cardiac arrest or paralysis, incapaciting a victim from getting help if alone. Viper venom, which is usually hemotoxic, cytotoxic or a combination of both, acts to destroy blood cells and tissue linings, causing massive hemorrhaging, inflamation, oedema and clotting defect. Moderate to immense pain will occur. Major symptons in most cases usually subside within a few days, but for extremely serious cases, amputations may be necessary if necrosis occurs. Viper venom is very damaging to tissue and causes excruciating pain as well as greatly weakening the immune system. Disfigurement or loss of body members is one of the greatests fears from a viper bite.

What to Do when Bitten by Venomous Snakes

Don't Panic - The key to surviving any snake bite in remote areas far from any hospital is to simpy stay calm. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the snake which just bit you is from a venomous species. Normally, in the case of a truly venomous snake, one will have to experience internal or topical symptoms within several minutes of the bite, depending on the type of venom (if) injected. Some examples of symptoms are; dizziness, paralysis, difficulty of breath, swelling, throbbing pain, uncoagulable bleeding and blurred vision.

In the case of an authentic envenomation by a dangerous snake, effects of venom are increased drastically by a person under immense stress and anxiety. Staying calm will allow you to think clearly and seek medical help in a controlled fashion. You probably have enough time to get to a car or find someone to bring you to a hospital as venom usually takes hours before the full effects reaches its pinnacle; provided you stay calm. Once you've calmed down, get to a government hospital if possible. Clinics and private hospitals should always be second choice as they lack the antivenin to deal with serious envenomations.

In Malaysia, only government hospitals stock antivenin as private clinics and hospitals cannot accomodate its high cost. Avoid all methods of torniquets, especially with viper bites. Arterial torniquets cut off blood flow and prevent venom from diluting itself through the system; Allowing the venom to disseminate itself from the bitten area may be more beneficial. A pressure bandage, which is a long and broad piece of lint, should be wrapped around the bitten area with Elapid bites.

Do not in any circumstances incise the wound or attempt sucking out the venom. There is a high risk of bacteria being introduced which causes infection and eventually grangrene. Avoid all forms of traditional remedies such as lime juice or ammonia salts as these hold no medical benefit and may worsen the condition. In most serious cases, antivenin treatment is the best remedy, with trained medical staff to monitor and deal with any allergic reactions that may ensue from antivenin administration. For neurotoxic bites, a ventilator is probably the most important form of treatment followed by antivenin.

Snake Bite Treament

Hospitalisation with antivenin treatment is the main course of action for serious envenomations. However, for midly moderate cases involving hemotoxic venom, anti-inflammatory medication both for oral and topical applications are effective, such as Voltaren (Diclofenac) or Feldene. The bitten area should be kept suspended upwards in the case of hands or fingers. A course of strong antibiotics is highly recommended along with plenty of rest. A line should be drawn with a pen about 2 cm away from the bitten area to monitor the progress of swelling.

Getting bitten by any local venomous species is a serious matter. For those that are not familiar with the venomous snake species found in Malaysia, always head to the hospital first and get a proper diagnosis if swelling or numbness occurs in the bitten area. And as always, the best care is left in the hands of experienced doctors in government hospitals, not private clinics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Waterfall Survivors Upcoming Trips (Updated 7th June 2010)

For more information on the trips, please click on the header of each event to direct you to detailed link

Saturday, June 12

Makan-Makan Trip To Taiping - Maxwell Hill Falls


Saturday, June 12 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sunday, June 13

The Jewel of Selangor

Kuala Kubu Bharu

Sunday, June 13 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday, June 18

Sg Lembing - Panaroma Hill, Rainbow Waterfalls & Touring around Kuanta

Sg Lembing

Friday, June 18 at 11:30 pm until
Sunday, June 20 at 10:00 pm

Saturday, June 19

4WD Adventure to Telemong

Visit - Nyangung Falls, Seminyang Falls and Telemong Cascade

Saturday, June 19 at 7:00 am until
Sunday, June 20 at 9:00 pm

Sunday, June 20

Sg Ampang Waterfalls

Trips - Daytrip


Sunday, June 20 from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday, June 26

Beruas Waterfall

Larut Matang

Saturday, June 26 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 27

Exploring the Beauty of Gua Tempurung & Refresh at Gerumtum Falls


Sunday, June 27 from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday, July 3

Upper Gepai Falls (Unknown/Pristine/Not Listed

Trips - Daytrip


Saturday, July 3 from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday, July 16

Endau Rompin Selai

Endau Rompin National Park

Friday, July 16 at 12:00 am until
Sunday, July 18 at 10:00 pm

Friday, August 27

Lake Kenyir Waterfalls Expedition

Lake Kenyir

Friday, August 27 at 11:00 pm until
Monday, August 30 at 10:00 pm

Check out the information on Waterfall Survivors or for further details on the trips, please email us at waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com or contact Dominic Koo @ 016-3230230, Nic Tan @ 014-6303999 or Joe Yap @ 019-6787460

National Clean Up with Waterfall Survivors 6th June 2010

KAGUM organized a National River Clean Up campaign on this day and Waterfall Survivors was part of the joint collaboration to clean up one of the rivers. Waterfall Survivors also took this opportunity to celebrate the World Environment Day today as an appreciation towards Mother Nature. We took up Sg. Pisang as our cleaning spot for this campaign.

30284_1505503517743_1238927847_31384266_5783917_n Group Picture before the event starts

Volunteers from Waterfall Survivors for today’s clean up was a much smaller group comparing the usual cleanup. There was only 12 of us altogether. But it was really fun and worth every effort that the Waterfall Survivors members has put in. We did not manage to clean up the whole place for sure, but all the volunteers used every of their effort to take as much of rubbish as possible to clean up the river.

30284_1505503597745_1238927847_31384267_4143279_n Joe giving a safety briefing while others looking on…

Sg Pisang is located in Gombak near the old trunk road heading towards Genting Highlands. We reached there around 9am and started the clean up as soon as we settled down.

30284_1505505677797_1238927847_31384309_3735824_n The reporter from Lifestyle Travel Interviewing one of the Volunteer

Although with only 12 people, the team spirit and team work was way beyond our expectation. All grabbed the garbage bags, armed with the gardening gloves and headed to the lower stream of Sg Pisang Waterfalls near the catchment area to clean up the river.

30284_1505504277762_1238927847_31384282_7211152_n Sean with the diapers in hand

Glass Bottles (samsu bottles), diapers, plastic bottles, food wrapers, polystyrene plates and lunch boxes was the majority items found there.It is really sad scene when we see rubbish near the rivers.

30284_1505504357764_1238927847_31384284_2033286_nVolunteers cleaning up the river 

Around 10am plus, more picnickers came around with their families in big and small plastic bags of food, BBQ pits and etc. Some even brought a whole strip of polystyrene plates. Is it really too much of trouble to bring reusable plates? Why want to create so much of rubbish?


The Before and After  


There’s no rubbish bins at this Picnic area. But that doesn’t gives anyone an excuse at all to leave their rubbish at the riverside.

30284_1505504597770_1238927847_31384289_2333893_n Eva found a helmet

Spoke to a young gentleman by the name of Adi, who’s working with the Syabas and stays at the catchment area. He said he used to tell picnickers not to throw rubbish… and he’s being ignored all the time. Until there was one time, this poor guy was beaten up for asking people not to throw rubbish. Since then, he never tells people not to throw rubbish in the river but does his part, just quietly picking up the rubbish near the Syabas properties (the pipeline, near the catchment). Everyone should learn from this young man. And I really don’t understand why people can act such a way to beat up a young man who’s only wanting to keep the place clean? What is wrong with that?

30284_1505504797775_1238927847_31384293_555114_nAlwyn happily transporting the bags of garbage

30284_1505505877802_1238927847_31384314_2879030_n Royyie cleaning up the rubbish

The mentality of Malaysians today. Why aren’t they awake yet? Mother Nature is not asking for too much. She doesn’t mind to share her beauty with everyone… as long as she can make you happy. All she asked for is, after your happy moments, please bring away all that you’ve bring in without leaving anything behind so she can keep her beauty and pristine level. Is that too much to ask for? Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. Just as simple as that.

30284_1505504997780_1238927847_31384297_6464436_n San transporting the rubbish while the others still picking

At the end of the session, we all managed to collect 47 bags of garbage. All the volunteers were so tired. we know they did their best to do what they could. But it’s sad that, before we even finish cleaning up, we see tissue papers on the floor where the people just  thrown after eating ice-cream. They are unlucky that we did not see it, or we will be talking to them and telling them about how important it is to protect our mother nature and reduce waste. What a waste that they did not manage to learn this from us today.


We all left the place around 12pm. After a whole morning of hard work, the good food during lunch pays it off.

Thanks to all the volunteers today.

Our greatest respect and gratitude towards your contribution towards our Save Our Waterfalls in conjunction with National River Clean Up and World Environment Day.

Our gratitude goes to: Alwyn Ong, Mandy Wang, Chng Soek Mooi, Haider Al Darraji, Soo Sang Yeong, Royyie Ling, Chua Yoke Mee, Tiong Lim, Chng Xing Er, San Kwang Min, Sean Lim and Eva.

Thank you for sacrificing your beautiful Sunday with us here and contribute towards our Mother Nature.

All pictures are courtesy from Soo Sang Yeong

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Most Polluted Waterfall in Malaysia

Source from : Jan Stuivenberg

Malaysia has many beautiful waterfalls. Unfortunately, pollution by irresponsible visitors is often a problem.
Recently I visited, with my friends Joe and Rahim, a waterfall in the Ulu Yam region, which can probably be rated as the most polluted waterfall of Malaysia.
When you drive from the Batu Caves to Ulu Yam, you will first pass the Batu reservoir and a few km further the Sg Tua waterfalls on your left. On the right side of the road are three access points to the Selangor State Park. The Batu river, flowing here, is a popular destination for picnicking, swimming and bathing.
Halfway between the Batu Caves and Ulu Yam, you pass a watershed and reach the valley of the Liam river. Only known to locals, without any signboard, this river has two attractive waterfalls, just beside the road, where there is place to park a few cars. There are a few sheds, water treatment machinery, that's all.
This easy access is probably the reason for the appalling condition of these falls. The rubbish,the scattered leftovers of barbecue and lunch, it is beyond description. The pictures speak for themselves.
The falls themselves are beautiful, the river both upstream and downstream is unspoiled, the water is clear and fresh.
Joe is active with her Waterfall Survivors in SOW (Save Our Waterfalls) campaigns, and of course she is thinking what can be done about these Liam Falls.
A cleaning operation is needed but will not be enough. The Selangor State should take care about these falls, as they have done for the Batu river.
We still had a pleasant day, saw mating snakes, had a nice bath and finally a delicious lunch at the WK restaurant in Ulu Yam, where I unexpectedly met a good friend.
Life is good in Malaysia, but it would be even better if people would become more aware of the vulnerable nature around them!

The Batu reservoir

A Malaysian folly near the reservoir

Water treatment plant at Sg Liam

Start of the rubbish

The catchment area


Upstream the river is unspoilt

Rubbish near the catchment

Collage of rubbish

Local schoolboys, skipping class

A tributary of Sg Liam, passing under the road


Beautiful fall

Mating snakes!

Swimming snake

Here the fall looks clean

But it is not!

The location is superb

But the rubbish...

The beauty of nature

Joe and Rahim near the upper fall

It looks so clean here

But it is not

Lower fall

Long exposure picture
Downstream the river is again unspoilt

An abandoned (haunted!) house

Rahim in a happy mood

After he caught a fish

Man and nature

Having fun in the water

But actually it is a sad situation

My personal marker


The WK restaurant in Ulu Yam
Delicous food

Unexpected meeting with friends..:-)!

Contributed by: Jan Stuivenberg