Saturday, March 26, 2011

Switch Off Your Lights at 8.30pm TONIGHT 26th March 2011.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

What is wrong with Malaysian’s Mentality?

It has been a busy week for me as I was working on a CSR project with Johnson & Johnson. We’ve planned a CSR campaign on the 4th March 2011 at Sg Liam in Hulu Yam, which I personally rate it as one of the DIRTIEST waterfall in Selangor.

DSCN2431Employees of Johnson & Johnson with 68 bags of rubbish collected.

The campaign was funded by J&J as a part of their CSR. And I was so glad that I’ve got a full support from the Selangor Forestry Department and the Hulu Selangor Forestry office staffs were a great bunch of people. We worked together for a thorough clean up of Sg Liam.

DSC_0975Hulu Selangor Forestry Department Team

After 2 months of planning, we finally decided on a 3 days cleaning up for the place. Day 1 and 2 will be managed by the Forestry Department and Day 3 will be done by J&J coordinated by Waterfall Survivors.

On 2nd March (Day 1)…
The forestry department gathered more than 80 of their staffs even those from the office which does administration work to start a cleaning up. At the end of the day, they collected 90 over bags of garbage from the waterfalls.

DSC_0795Ranger busy picking up rubbish stuck between the rocks

3rd March (Day 2)…

The Forestry department continued their effort to clean up the place with 40 over rangers. Besides cleaning up the place, trails were basically restructure for easier access, broken trees and trunks were cut to make better way for visitors. Boundary of the Forest Reserve was marked. A very good effort by the forestry department. I was there in the afternoon and to my surprise, the place is SO SO CLEAN!!! I’ve never seen Sg Liam so so so beautiful from the day I found out about this falls! I was jokingly telling them that “Tomorrow, J&J will have no rubbish to clean!!! and we will all go there and swim”. Thumbs up for Forestry. On day 2, Forestry recorded a number of 60 over bags of garbage.

4th March (Day 3)…
J&J employees all gathered at Sg Liam at 9am to start the clean up. Looking at the place so so clean, most were surprised with the look of the waterfall compared with the pictures they’ve seen earlier. We started the clean up at around 10.00am after some exercise and briefing.

DSC_0892Participants helping Mother Nature

J&J Employees busy cleaning up the surrounding.
DSC_0797The Rangers and J&J employees sweating out cleaning up…

Around 11.00am, they were almost done and we transport all the garbage to the carpark area. Even after a 2 days of clean up, we still managed to ditch out another 68 bags of garbage from the waterfall areas.

DSC_0921Human chain to bring rubbish from the falls to carpark area.

This time.. the place is REALLY REALLY CLEAN.. with almost 95% of the rubbish GONE!!! Only left with extremely small bits.

DSC_0864The Waterfall After Cleaning Up. Look So beautiful…
I was so so so happy with the condition of the waterfalls and happy for what we all have done for our waterfalls and mother nature. And I was hoping so much that it will maintain that way until Forestry Department maintain this place officially which is very soon.

Today, 6th March (2 days after the clean up)…

I was leading a trip to Batang Kali with the Waterfall Survivors members. After the trip, I stopped by at Sg Liam to check on the site. At least for the first time after the clean up.

The car stopped at the carpark. From inside the car, I could see some bottles and food wrappers lying around the carpark area. I was thinking… I hope that’s just the few.. and it should be fine. The carpark area was full with cars. And the burger stall as usual doing his business there.

P3066134 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066130 Waterfall Survivors

I stepped down of the car and walk around the car park area. Not as bad as before but almost 50% of rubbish of before.

P3066131 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066132 Waterfall Survivors
I went down the stairways that leads to the river and the catchment area. Food wrappers, aluminium cans, plastic bottles were seen along the stairway.

P3066118 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066119 Waterfall Survivors

I continued my steps down. Reaching above the waterfall. Picnickers was sitting around happily picnicking. Families were having nice time barbecuing. From far, I could see a lot of polystyrene plates lying at the side of the river and the waterfalls. Aluminum cans were thrown in the river. My heart was really broken!!!!!!! I’m so so so so sad and disappointed because I know… by next week, the place will be back to how it was before the clean up.

P3066123 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066120 Waterfall Survivors

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MALAYSIANS???? It seems that they really can’t sit in clean place?? They must dirty it in order to be comfortable?? THEY ARE REAL RETARDS!!!!!  They are just worst than any creature living on EARTH! Even animals are more hygiene than they are! They are just worst than ANIMALS!!!!!

P3066124 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066125 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066126 Waterfall SurvivorsP3066128 Waterfall Survivors

I’m extremely frustrated looking at the situation at the waterfall area. My eyes was filled with tears! I could feel the Mother Nature crying. I could feel the damage they done to her. I could feel the disappointment of the 200 over people who took their time and effort cleaning up the place. I could feel the frustration of nature lovers and environmentalist over these kind of mentality!

As you are reading this, how do you feel? This is really demotivating. Am I wasting my time and effort cleaning up after others? Am I just being a fool like  what some people say? I’m not thinking to change the world. But I hope I could at least make some people REALIZE!!! Waterfall Survivors organizes Cleaning Up campaign as we hope that when people see a clean place they will feel bad to make it dirty! They will feel that when the place is clean, it’s comfortable.

If you are also one of the people that loves the nature, please… I beg you to share this write up. Spread it VIRAL!!! And let’s make these people REALIZE THE DAMAGE THEY DONE TO OUR MOTHER NATURE!