Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour at Berkelah Falls

This is will be the 2nd year that we will spend our time at Berkelah Waterfall while others observing Earth hour on 27th March 8.30pm, couldn’t wait for the moment to share with 18 other campers. Since the last time we already camped at the lower fall which is the popular twin fall, this round we decided to camp at the upper fall so that we can spend more time enjoying and playing at the magnificent main attraction. This is much more challenging since the hike will take about 2 hours, plus we have to carry all camping equipments with us and walk along the edges of dangerous and slippery rock surface under the grueling hot sun as there is no jungle trail available.IMG_4513Berkelah Falls

20 minutes into the hike and just steps away from the lower fall, our adrenalin rush was almost cut short as 1 of the member sprained his ankle and could not continue further. We were left hanging in the balance, which is all of us have to camp at the lower fall or send the member back to car park to overnight there while all of us go to the upper fall. Of course, the 2nd option doesn’t seem feasible as it is dangerous to leave him alone in the car park. But if we were to choose option 1, all campers will be let down as they came just because of the challenge. The member’s friend, Sam, made a selfless decision in order not to let everyone down and decided to send him back to KL before driving back to Maran, Kuantan to continue the hike. Another selfless member, William decides to stay back with Sam and hike together with him. We then continue our journey with 3 less members. IMG_4517Berkelah Falls

During our hike, the scorching hot sun did deter us a little and it was draining our energy out. The river look so tempting but most of time it was out of reach for us. We continued on and after an hour plus into the hike we managed to reach the riverside and immediately some of us decided to take a dip in the river to cool down our body before we continue on. It was so refreshing and immediately boosted our morale to continue the journey. Just barely half an hour later, we finally reach the camp site of the upper fall. Although it’s a little pack as a group of students arrived a day earlier and took much of the camp site, we managed to squeeze in a few tent and share the site with them while a few others found a better camping ground which is just beside the huge water fall at a safe distance big enough for a few more tents. IMG_4527Berkelah Falls

Meanwhile, Joe who did not join this trip because of a sprained ankle heard of the news and knew that Sam could not make it back on time and by the time he starts to hike up, it’ll be dark and very dangerous. She quickly call Sam and asked him to leave his friend at the car park and she’ll personally drive up to Kuantan just to send him back to KL. Because of that, Sam and William managed to reach in time before sunset. IMG_4518Berkelah Falls

All of us are were awed by the wonder of the fall and even though some of us has been visiting this place for a couple of times we are still amazed how nature managed to create this wonderful piece of natural art. We swam and play and had a great meal of rice with Curry chicken, fried fish and fried vege before darkness sets in. And when night falls, we found out that we were hugely rewarded as a 91% illuminated waxing moon shone upon us and it was like a spotlight for the waterfall making it visible throughout the whole night. What an awesome sight. IMG_4589Berkelah Falls

And when the next day came, we spend more time taking as many photos as we can, swim as much as we want before we reluctantly make our way down to the starting point and eventually head back to KL. It was a wonderful experience and it’s great to know so many new friends in just one night. Can’t wait to come back here again and hopefully we don’t have to wait until the Earth hour event.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Save Our Waterfalls – NO PLASTIC EARTH DAY 25th April 2010

WS and SOW logo COME JOIN WATERFALL SURVIVORS ON 40th EARTH DAY and to add on to the celebration of Earth Day, in this campaign, we will be supporting the No Plastic Day Campaign by Selangor State Govt.

Waterfall Survivors will be joining  thousands global communities from over the world in a symbolic Save Our Waterfalls (SOW) Campaign at Kedondong Waterfalls on 25th April 2010

The event will be held simultaneously with events around the globe, the event is a part of a Earth Day to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions and preservation for Mother Nature and of course one of our water sources – Waterfalls.

Waterfall Survivors is a social group founded on Facebook, the most popular online social networking service. The Facebook group was single-handedly created on 12th July 2008 by Ms Joe Yap, The group has been actively organizing regular waterfall expeditions ever since. To date, Waterfall Survivors has left footprints at over 50 waterfalls in Malaysia with more than 80 trips ventured with more than 3,300 registered members on Facebook.

Waterfall Survivors is managed by Waterfall Explorers Sdn Bhd in the company’s Non Profit Section.

The campaign aims for 350 participants to create another historical moment for Waterfall Survivors.

The campaign details are as follow :

Event : Save Our Waterfalls (SOW) - NO PLASTIC EARTH DAY
Date and Time : 25th April 2010, 8am - 5pm
Venue : Kedondong Waterfalls, Batang Kali
Online Registration Fee: RM20
Walk In Registration Fee: RM30


Payment to be made to :
1141 9720 7860 Maybank – YAP WEI LEA (Transaction Reference: PUT YOUR NAME and Trip) and MUST SMS or EMAIL US with your details of bank in date IMMEDIATELY FOR EASY TRACKING.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kindly email or sms your name and contact of all participants to or 016-6604611

------------------Cut & Paste---------------
Contact No.:
T-Shirt Size:

send to or register during your weekly trips with Waterfall Survivors.


For further information, please contact:

Clarence Sim - 016-6604611
Dominic Koo- 016-3230230
Nicholas Tan – 014-6303999
Lok Man Hoong - 012-3695531

We are looking for generous corporations for sponsorship as a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Please feel free to email us at or contact Nicholas Tan at 014-6303999 for further details.


1. How can I participate?
You have to make the payment of RM20 per person to Maybank account 1141 9720 7860 (Yap Wei Lea) and email Clarence at your full name, IC/Passport number, mobile contact number, t-shirt size (S,M,L,XL) and the payment transaction number. Registration is only deemed valid if the payment is made. Kindly made all payment before 23 April 2010 (Friday) 9pm.

2. What if I missed the payment dateline?
You are still welcomed to join us on the event day. You can register yourself on the event day, however you will need to pay RM30 as walk-in participant.

3. Can I get a refund if I end up not going?
Regrettably no refund will be made as arrangement will be made upon your confirmation of registration and payment.

4. What is the objective for this event?
We hope to encourage a gratitude service to repay our environment via clean-up and other initiatives. We observed a common trash found at most rivers and waterfalls surroundings – plastic and polystyrene, hence we are working with the Selangor State Government to promote “No Plastic Bag” day. We are taking a step forward by promoting this campaign to the shops at Batang Kali and neighboring area, as well as reducing our consumption waste of these non-biodegradable materials.

5. What is the brief itinerary of the event?
0700 Gather at meet-up points and breakfast (at own expense)
0730 Last bus transfer leaving meet-up points
0800 Registration at event venue
0840 Opening by the MC
0850 Welcome speech by WS founder
0900 VIP speech
0910 Warm-up exercise
0920 Break into groups
0930 Start of activities
1200 Closing by the MC
1215 Lunch (to prepare your own)
1315 Return tag and collect certificate of participation
1330 Free & Easy
1400 First bus transfer leaving event venue
1500 Last bus transfer leaving event venue

6. What do I get?
You will get to experience a weekend contributing to the clean-up and no-plastic awareness initiative at the scenic natural heritage at Batang Kali and meeting interesting people. You will also get personal accident coverage for the event day (up to RM10,000, only for age 16-70), cleaning equipments, bus transfers from meet-up point to the waterfalls, event t-shirt, a certificate of participation, and goodies bag by our sponsors.

7. What if I can’t fit into the event t-shirt?
Sadly we only print the t-shirt at a size range of S to XL hence we apologize in advance for this inconvenience. You can still participate in preferably a white or green shirt, as that will be our theme color.

8. When and where can I get the event t-shirt?
The t-shirt will only be given out at the registration counter at the event venue. You will be given the size that you stated in the email, and no change will be entertained. There are toilets at the event venue for you to change into the t-shirt.

9. Where will be the bus transfer?
The bus will be at two meet-up points – Tesco Mutiara Damansara (N 3° 9.560', E 101° 36.778') and Tesco Ampang (N 3° 8.479, E 101° 44.544').
10. Where do I park my car?
We encourage you to park inside Tesco. For Tesco Mutiara Damansara, parking charges will be RM2 per hour and Tesco Ampang FREE PARKING. Please avoid leaving valuables in the car.

11. What time do I have to be at the meet-up point?
You are advised to be there by 7am. The last bus will be leaving sharp at 7.30am! We encourage participants not to drive to the event venue, as there are limited parking available.

12. What is in the goodies bag?
A surprise!

13. Can I bring children?
Yes, only if they are age 5 and above, and they should be supervised by you at all times. However those below the age of 16 will not be covered under our personal insurance policy.

14. What should I pack?
We advise you to pack light as we do not provide luggage area at the event venue. Here’s a checklist for you and your bag (blue is optional):
 Trekking shoes or sandals
 Drinking water
 Light snacks, i.e. nuts, chocolate, granola bars
 Lunch
 Extra clothing for change
 Towel

 Insect repellent
 Zip lock bags for non-water resistance items
 Personal medication (if necessary), i.e. inhaler
 Poncho or raincoat
 Camera or video

15. Do I get any food or drink?
We will be providing food or drink for lunch and light refreshment at the event venue. As we are promoting reduction of consumption waste, you will have to bring your own reusable container or bottle and cutlery as a personal effort in supporting our event objective.

16. Which group will I be assigned to?
You will be given a colored tag at the registration counter, the event staff will write your name down on the tag. The colored tag represents different groups. Parents should ensure their children are given similar colored tag.

17. What are the groups?
One group will be responsible for cleaning of the event venue, while another group will go around Batang Kali area to promote “No Plastic Bag” initiative and obtain commitment from shop owners.

18. When do I get the certificate of participation?
You will receive it at the end of the event. You are required to return your colored name tag at the registration counter to collect your certificate.

19. Is there any professional around?
There will be certified Life Guard by Malaysian Life saving Society and certified First Aider by Malaysian Red Crescent Society on the event day. The event staff will carry a complete first aid and medical kit (any medication consumed is at user’s own risk). Officers from Jabatan Pertahanan Awam will be on standby at site too.

20. What time will it finish?
We are scheduled to wrap-up by 2pm – it is safe to keep yourself available from 7am to 4pm on that day, unless specify otherwise. The last bus transfer back to the meet-up points is at 3pm. Waterfall Survivors reserves the right to make modify the departure and return time at any point due to unforeseen conditions of the vehicle, road, or weather change.

21. Can I smoke or consume alcohol or take recreational drugs during the event?
You are allowed to smoke at the event venue, however kindly do so away from the crowd particularly children, as we acknowledge the risk of second-hand smokers. It is not advisable to drink any alcohol beverage or use any recreational drugs during the event. Kindly note that illicit drugs are punishable by death sentence in Malaysia under the Dangerous Drug Act 1952.

22. Anything else I should know?
You should note that clean-up at waterfalls involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our members and volunteers, we will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss due to the action of members or volunteers which are beyond our control.

If you have any question pertaining to the information on this FAQ, kindly email to  and we will reply you soon.

Looking forward to see you on 25th April 2010! *-*

Monday, March 22, 2010

WS at the Pristine Part of the Gepai Falls 22nd March 2010

Gepai Falls is known to many people. Waterfall Survivors is going to Gepai Falls, but not the usual Gepai Falls. We are going to the upper Gepai which is 2.5 hours upstream.P3210137Upper Gepai

Thanks to our recce team for discovering this falls. Thanks to Siang Hui for the topomap info and Harry for the hardwork exploring the place. Well done guys…

They drive started early at 7am to Gepai Falls. After breakfast they started the drive and reached around 10am. Upon reaching the lower falls, rubbish is seen all over the place. This place is really not taken care of. We think it’s time that Waterfall Survivors should organize a Save Our Waterfalls Campaign here at the lower falls. So sad.. beautiful surrounding with crystal clear water… but with so much of rubbish… pampers, plastic bottles, polystyrene boxes, and etc… MALAYSIANS!!! Can we all be thoughtful enough to clean our own mess after having nice time with Mother Nature? What are we doing to her?? P3210085Upper GepaiLet’s not talk about the sad story… We started our 2.5 hours hike.. A gradient terrain.. up and down… and we reached the the falls at the upper falls….P3210089Upper Gepai Here.. it’s a heaven…. No rubbish at all… pristine surrounding with nice crystal clear waterfalls.P3210095Upper GepaiSome of our Waterfall Survivors members went for hydro massage… while others enjoying themselves taking pictures.P3210115Upper Gepai The next fall is a small fall but beautiful with a real deep deep pool.. NO SWIMMING… too deep… The water is cold and refreshing..P3210127Upper GepaiA place that is so beautiful… Just hope that there won’t be more people coming in here and destroy it like what they did with the lower falls.

After a resting and lunch… we then back track to head back.P3210141Upper GepaiEveryone is tired… but it’s worth all the effort.

~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~

WS at Kedondong Falls 20th March 2010

Waterfall Survivors with 35 members started the short trek to the nice not known to many people waterfall in Batang Kali. Surprisingly the trail head to the waterfalls is a Recreational Park that is really pack on weekends with families picnicking, the falls is a quiet place that you can have the whole place by yourselfP3200078Kedondong

We started the hike in around 10.30am. The trail is about 45 minutes basically with not much trails.

A pleasant short hike leads us to the falls in no time.P3200005Kedondong

Everyone enjoyed the big huge pool… and the massage at the waterfalls.P3200053Kedondong

Some were having lunch while others swimming. P3200020Kedondong

P3200058Kedondong They then left the place around 1pm and reach the trail head around 2pm.P3200069Kedondong

Clean up and went for a quick lunch at Hulu Yam.. P3200079Kedondong ~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Always Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~

Falls In L.O.V.E.

This posting is three weeks late! But hopefully all those who attended the debut Waterfall Survivors’ Cupid event is not late in finding their other half…


The air was chilly in the early morning at the meet up point. Yet those who showed up did not look like they just got out of bed. The girls are pampered (probably did mask the night before!), and some even had light make-up on, dressed in their best-fitting outfits. The guys came with confidence and all clean shaved and had on hair products.


After a light breakfast, we convoyed in 7 cars to our destination – Kuala Kubu Bharu – Two guys and two girls in a car, chosen randomly by themselves. Sadly we didn’t affix CCTV or listening device in any of the car. We would have heard the flowing conversation between the girls and guys, from talking weather to talking intimate! I believe some did have a great time getting to know another and laughing to punters.


Midway we got tangle in a web of traffic congestion, thanks to Le Tour de Langkawi. The first pit stop was at a reservoir for relief and picturesque. A great way to break the morning chill is to do some stretching, and that was what we all did – introducing each other using only body parts! That got everyone into showing of their flexibility and the rest was just burst after burst of laughters.


After much awaits we finally reached the waterfall, strapped on our day pack and headed in for an outdoor Sunday with eligible partners. This trip may require guys assisting the girls in crossing several rivers – hence it was only fair for the girls to get assurance on the guys’ physical strength and sensitivity. They were divided into three groups with equal number of guys and girls. The rule is the guys have to figure out a way to get all the girls across the field without them touching the ground. They can opt for one-man show or teamwork, from pigging-backing to square-arm sitting. Some proven to be more romantic by carrying the girl ala marriage style!


As to reward the guys for their strong arms and back, we gave them each a rose to present to the girl they wish to know and to partner for the first trek. This time in order for them to show not only their strength, they need to express their best attribute via a sexy male walk toward the girls to gift the rose. Light background music accompanied by various walks, some danced over, some ran eagerly, some breeze strolled, and some are priceless for our photographer and the girls!


There are 5 to 6 river crossings altogether and to be honest one can get to know each other is thru river crossing. It requires skill, sensitivity and strength, the 3S needed for outdoor survivor. Some braving the water, some squeal at splashes, and some quietly held each other hands. All of whom were filled with passion for the trek as much as for the next person.


The trek journey proven to be suitable for them to share something of themselves, and to find commonality or differences which are attractive to one another. It is a smooth and easy trek to the waterfalls. Lunch boxes were prepared, nothing fancy, as the main course is each other! Dessert is served only if you managed to find that someone.


The waterfalls make this event possible. It’s breathtaking falls, lurid greens and terrains, and the flowing rivers create an opportunity for one to not experience the place but also have to urge to experience it with someone special. Other games were played and one that really made an impression was the kissing game. All I can share here is that “no French kissing” involved.


The event ended by late afternoon and many joined us for seafood dinner on the way back. The only lingering question in my head until today is “how many successful couple will result from this event?”


A friend once said to me “only those who open their hearts to LOVE will find true LOVE, don’t be blinded by artificial LOVE though they may be great looking!”


Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides.

Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints

The Mighty Julan Waterfalls

This trip to Julan Waterfalls, was organized by Danny from Sarawak.

3 of us from Waterfall Survivors, Harry and I from Peninsular, and Dr. Yeo from Miri was supposed to go on this trip. Due to some unforeseen matters, Harry and I did not manage to make it for this trip.

We managed to get the permission from Dr. John Yeo to share the pictures and descriptions with the Waterfall Survivors members.

Called Danny a day before the expedition to make sure that all the arrangements are fine. Dr. Yeo will meet them on 14th March to start the expedition to Julan Falls.

The later part of the expedition, the descriptions on the pictures tells it all…

Here you go…

14th March till 18th March 2010 - Julan Waterfall is both breathtaking and awesome. Locals divide it into 3 parts the third of which has a drop of 300m, tallest in Sarawak and most likely in South East Asia.
This is not the only waterfall on the Apau Plateau though. Dozens of other mighty falls are to be found in the same area.untitled1 Lunch at Lapok..Everyone is still smiling… and looks fresh..24395_109745049037664_100000065076550_247652_1327614_n We have to share the logging track with giants like this one here. Each has 18 wheels and carries a load of up to 30 metric tons.24395_109745585704277_100000065076550_247657_403538_n Wild boar for afternoon tea.24395_109746802370822_100000065076550_247658_6390408_nAfter a tiring journey, we spent the first night in this lovely rustic surrounding…24395_109765479035621_100000065076550_247741_4027380_n Wah! Chilling dip before lunch. That is the life, man.24395_109767509035418_100000065076550_247769_5939288_n Part 2 of Julan Falls. Our group frolicking near the pool.24395_109768625701973_100000065076550_247776_1069373_nThe interesting part about this waterfall is that it does not go right over the rock surface but pierces a hole below the surface leaving behind a stone bridge above herself. Some tree trunks are shown here stuck in the channel below the stone bridge 24395_110030179009151_100000065076550_248498_1890776_nFinally, glimpse of the great waters can be seen through the walls of trees.


24395_110030185675817_100000065076550_248499_7010560_nThe mighty Julan Waterfall in full view. 1000 ft drop. Praise be to Almighty God.24395_110031102342392_100000065076550_248504_1922025_n Just beside the great waters, all the humans seem so insignificant24395_110031109009058_100000065076550_248506_6150343_n In the embrace of Mother Nature, we are made more aware of the gentle hand of the Great And Almighty Creator.24395_110031112342391_100000065076550_248507_5137278_nThis is another waterfall seen at a distance on our way back. Cannot identify it for now. Dozens of these waterfalls, each at hundreds of feet drop, abound in the Usun Apau area.24395_110031855675650_100000065076550_248512_7400789_n Mission accomplished. Time to leave for home sweet home though reluctantly. Libau left these signs on some barks to reflect the Kenyah "adat".

That’s all from Mighty Julan.

Thanks again to Dr. John Yeo for the wonderful pictures. What a regret that I could not see the Mighty Julan with my own eyes… but from the pictures I could tell that she’s a BEAUTY… I just can’t wait till someday that I could feel her and touch her.. Oh.. Beautiful Julan Waterfalls.

If you would like to organize this trip to Julan Waterfalls, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joe Celebrates Birthday at Air Hitam Waterfall

Waterfall Survivors celebrated Joe’s birthday at Air Hitam Waterfall on 14th March 2010. All gathered at Tesco Mutiara around 6.30am. With the 16 Waterfall Survivors members, we droved all the way to Taiping Utara exit to proceed to Air Hitam Waterfall.26380_393428552639_646952639_4724671_5393759_n

The weather was fantastic. A short hike to the falls was nice but with some leeches. With the unclear trail down the waterfalls, we all scrambled down following a small stream.P3140061 Air Hitam

The waterfall was strong and beautiful. The water volume was strong with some shallow pools.  26380_393428622639_646952639_4724674_5764596_nThe Waterfall Survivors members settled down at the side of the river. Some were taking pictures, while others busy having their lunch. P3140062 Air HitamMany went near the falls to ha ve a nice hydro massage. The water was so so refreshing. And a strong massage by the waterfall is splendid after the short hike up. 26380_393428702639_646952639_4724682_526656_n

After the nice shower at the waterfalls, we all gathered and it was a cake cutting time for our birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Joe… 26380_393428522639_646952639_4724669_7799348_n

After finish enjoying the nice cake that Clarence bought, we all backtrack to the trail head and proceeded to Kuala Sepetang for seafood.26380_393428642639_646952639_4724676_7167_n

Fresh as ever…

Probably the dinner was too early, by the time we reached KL all of us was kind of hungry. SUPPER TIME. We settled down at the Hj Samuri at the Sg Buluh Bridge Restaurant for some Satay.

A long but fun day.

Picture taken by: Clarence Sim

Sg Yong Falls on 13th March 2010

Only 5 of us was from Kuala Lumpur. Started our early drive to meet the other Waterfall Survivors members from Singapore and Johor at Kluang Station for a nice well-known coffee before we started our drive to the trail head.

We headed following the signs to Mt Belumut together with the GPS track that Jan has provided to me the day before. After passing by the Felda Plantation’s housing, we then reached a plant oil plantation which is already cut down waiting to be plant with new palm oil trees. Wow.. TOO MANY FORKS. I guess without Jan’s track, it’s really not easy to make it through the maze.  P3130057 (Copy)

I would say that a higher chasis car would be better for the drive along the road to the trail head. With a 4WD no problem to reach the waterfall’s campsite.     14993_377368994576_540739576_3405408_5345978_n   

We then reached the end of the road that our cars can pass. Looking at the GPS, we are about 700 meters from the 2nd bridge that is indicated on the track. We then continued by foot. After 20 minutes, we finally reach the open space. 14993_377369014576_540739576_3405411_7634344_n

We continue the trail. Hmm… Something not right after we proceeded about 100 meters. Hey guys… NOT HERE…. It doesn’t look right. We then backtrack. Took sometime to find the right trail. This is really fun…LOL… But of course…with my kind of stamina, I would need to assign a few runners to check out the terrain. LOL :p… I heard 3 whistle blow.. –THE RIGHT WAY..

We then gathered the other members and follow the trail down to join the other 4 guys. In no time, we reached the first small falls. 14993_377369094576_540739576_3405417_1343167_n

The water volume was not strong, and we saw a small little fall. We then continued following the side of the river. Oh gosh.. the rocks are really slippery. Must be extra careful at these places. Thanks to all the other members that were so experience… with the help from the guys, we climbed through one steep part which was just right beside the falls. Almost spiderman/spiderwoman act… 14993_377369204576_540739576_3405425_7164133_n

The weather was not on our side. We had to make a turn back after we passed a few falls with some nice pools.

We then back track and settled down at one of the pool for our lunch. Guess what was on my socks.. A HUGE LEECH…I’ve never seen such a big leech. Well…. I acted COOL.. hahaha… then get the guys to help me… Usually I’m not scared of the leeches at all. But this one was HUGE. I was not scared, but felt “irri” lol:p Mike came and took the leech and put on his hands to take a pic…P3130049 (Copy)

P3130045 (Copy)After our lunch we all proceeded back to our cars and left back to Kluang. Settled down for our dinner before we headed back to KL.

Although the falls were not magnificent, but the company was great… YOU GUYS RAWK!!!  P3130059 (Copy)

Some pictures are taken by: Ras Farin