Monday, March 22, 2010

WS at Kedondong Falls 20th March 2010

Waterfall Survivors with 35 members started the short trek to the nice not known to many people waterfall in Batang Kali. Surprisingly the trail head to the waterfalls is a Recreational Park that is really pack on weekends with families picnicking, the falls is a quiet place that you can have the whole place by yourselfP3200078Kedondong

We started the hike in around 10.30am. The trail is about 45 minutes basically with not much trails.

A pleasant short hike leads us to the falls in no time.P3200005Kedondong

Everyone enjoyed the big huge pool… and the massage at the waterfalls.P3200053Kedondong

Some were having lunch while others swimming. P3200020Kedondong

P3200058Kedondong They then left the place around 1pm and reach the trail head around 2pm.P3200069Kedondong

Clean up and went for a quick lunch at Hulu Yam.. P3200079Kedondong ~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Always Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~