Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour at Berkelah Falls

This is will be the 2nd year that we will spend our time at Berkelah Waterfall while others observing Earth hour on 27th March 8.30pm, couldn’t wait for the moment to share with 18 other campers. Since the last time we already camped at the lower fall which is the popular twin fall, this round we decided to camp at the upper fall so that we can spend more time enjoying and playing at the magnificent main attraction. This is much more challenging since the hike will take about 2 hours, plus we have to carry all camping equipments with us and walk along the edges of dangerous and slippery rock surface under the grueling hot sun as there is no jungle trail available.IMG_4513Berkelah Falls

20 minutes into the hike and just steps away from the lower fall, our adrenalin rush was almost cut short as 1 of the member sprained his ankle and could not continue further. We were left hanging in the balance, which is all of us have to camp at the lower fall or send the member back to car park to overnight there while all of us go to the upper fall. Of course, the 2nd option doesn’t seem feasible as it is dangerous to leave him alone in the car park. But if we were to choose option 1, all campers will be let down as they came just because of the challenge. The member’s friend, Sam, made a selfless decision in order not to let everyone down and decided to send him back to KL before driving back to Maran, Kuantan to continue the hike. Another selfless member, William decides to stay back with Sam and hike together with him. We then continue our journey with 3 less members. IMG_4517Berkelah Falls

During our hike, the scorching hot sun did deter us a little and it was draining our energy out. The river look so tempting but most of time it was out of reach for us. We continued on and after an hour plus into the hike we managed to reach the riverside and immediately some of us decided to take a dip in the river to cool down our body before we continue on. It was so refreshing and immediately boosted our morale to continue the journey. Just barely half an hour later, we finally reach the camp site of the upper fall. Although it’s a little pack as a group of students arrived a day earlier and took much of the camp site, we managed to squeeze in a few tent and share the site with them while a few others found a better camping ground which is just beside the huge water fall at a safe distance big enough for a few more tents. IMG_4527Berkelah Falls

Meanwhile, Joe who did not join this trip because of a sprained ankle heard of the news and knew that Sam could not make it back on time and by the time he starts to hike up, it’ll be dark and very dangerous. She quickly call Sam and asked him to leave his friend at the car park and she’ll personally drive up to Kuantan just to send him back to KL. Because of that, Sam and William managed to reach in time before sunset. IMG_4518Berkelah Falls

All of us are were awed by the wonder of the fall and even though some of us has been visiting this place for a couple of times we are still amazed how nature managed to create this wonderful piece of natural art. We swam and play and had a great meal of rice with Curry chicken, fried fish and fried vege before darkness sets in. And when night falls, we found out that we were hugely rewarded as a 91% illuminated waxing moon shone upon us and it was like a spotlight for the waterfall making it visible throughout the whole night. What an awesome sight. IMG_4589Berkelah Falls

And when the next day came, we spend more time taking as many photos as we can, swim as much as we want before we reluctantly make our way down to the starting point and eventually head back to KL. It was a wonderful experience and it’s great to know so many new friends in just one night. Can’t wait to come back here again and hopefully we don’t have to wait until the Earth hour event.