Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Save Our Waterfalls – NO PLASTIC EARTH DAY 25th April 2010

WS and SOW logo COME JOIN WATERFALL SURVIVORS ON 40th EARTH DAY and to add on to the celebration of Earth Day, in this campaign, we will be supporting the No Plastic Day Campaign by Selangor State Govt.

Waterfall Survivors will be joining  thousands global communities from over the world in a symbolic Save Our Waterfalls (SOW) Campaign at Kedondong Waterfalls on 25th April 2010

The event will be held simultaneously with events around the globe, the event is a part of a Earth Day to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions and preservation for Mother Nature and of course one of our water sources – Waterfalls.

Waterfall Survivors is a social group founded on Facebook, the most popular online social networking service. The Facebook group was single-handedly created on 12th July 2008 by Ms Joe Yap, The group has been actively organizing regular waterfall expeditions ever since. To date, Waterfall Survivors has left footprints at over 50 waterfalls in Malaysia with more than 80 trips ventured with more than 3,300 registered members on Facebook.

Waterfall Survivors is managed by Waterfall Explorers Sdn Bhd in the company’s Non Profit Section.

The campaign aims for 350 participants to create another historical moment for Waterfall Survivors.

The campaign details are as follow :

Event : Save Our Waterfalls (SOW) - NO PLASTIC EARTH DAY
Date and Time : 25th April 2010, 8am - 5pm
Venue : Kedondong Waterfalls, Batang Kali
Online Registration Fee: RM20
Walk In Registration Fee: RM30


Payment to be made to :
1141 9720 7860 Maybank – YAP WEI LEA (Transaction Reference: PUT YOUR NAME and Trip) and MUST SMS or EMAIL US with your details of bank in date IMMEDIATELY FOR EASY TRACKING.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kindly email or sms your name and contact of all participants to arqsim@yahoo.com or 016-6604611

------------------Cut & Paste---------------
Contact No.:
T-Shirt Size:

send to arqsim@yahoo.com or register during your weekly trips with Waterfall Survivors.


For further information, please contact:

Clarence Sim - 016-6604611
Dominic Koo- 016-3230230
Nicholas Tan – 014-6303999
Lok Man Hoong - 012-3695531

We are looking for generous corporations for sponsorship as a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Please feel free to email us at waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com or contact Nicholas Tan at 014-6303999 for further details.


1. How can I participate?
You have to make the payment of RM20 per person to Maybank account 1141 9720 7860 (Yap Wei Lea) and email Clarence at arqsim@gmail.com your full name, IC/Passport number, mobile contact number, t-shirt size (S,M,L,XL) and the payment transaction number. Registration is only deemed valid if the payment is made. Kindly made all payment before 23 April 2010 (Friday) 9pm.

2. What if I missed the payment dateline?
You are still welcomed to join us on the event day. You can register yourself on the event day, however you will need to pay RM30 as walk-in participant.

3. Can I get a refund if I end up not going?
Regrettably no refund will be made as arrangement will be made upon your confirmation of registration and payment.

4. What is the objective for this event?
We hope to encourage a gratitude service to repay our environment via clean-up and other initiatives. We observed a common trash found at most rivers and waterfalls surroundings – plastic and polystyrene, hence we are working with the Selangor State Government to promote “No Plastic Bag” day. We are taking a step forward by promoting this campaign to the shops at Batang Kali and neighboring area, as well as reducing our consumption waste of these non-biodegradable materials.

5. What is the brief itinerary of the event?
0700 Gather at meet-up points and breakfast (at own expense)
0730 Last bus transfer leaving meet-up points
0800 Registration at event venue
0840 Opening by the MC
0850 Welcome speech by WS founder
0900 VIP speech
0910 Warm-up exercise
0920 Break into groups
0930 Start of activities
1200 Closing by the MC
1215 Lunch (to prepare your own)
1315 Return tag and collect certificate of participation
1330 Free & Easy
1400 First bus transfer leaving event venue
1500 Last bus transfer leaving event venue

6. What do I get?
You will get to experience a weekend contributing to the clean-up and no-plastic awareness initiative at the scenic natural heritage at Batang Kali and meeting interesting people. You will also get personal accident coverage for the event day (up to RM10,000, only for age 16-70), cleaning equipments, bus transfers from meet-up point to the waterfalls, event t-shirt, a certificate of participation, and goodies bag by our sponsors.

7. What if I can’t fit into the event t-shirt?
Sadly we only print the t-shirt at a size range of S to XL hence we apologize in advance for this inconvenience. You can still participate in preferably a white or green shirt, as that will be our theme color.

8. When and where can I get the event t-shirt?
The t-shirt will only be given out at the registration counter at the event venue. You will be given the size that you stated in the email, and no change will be entertained. There are toilets at the event venue for you to change into the t-shirt.

9. Where will be the bus transfer?
The bus will be at two meet-up points – Tesco Mutiara Damansara (N 3° 9.560', E 101° 36.778') and Tesco Ampang (N 3° 8.479, E 101° 44.544').
10. Where do I park my car?
We encourage you to park inside Tesco. For Tesco Mutiara Damansara, parking charges will be RM2 per hour and Tesco Ampang FREE PARKING. Please avoid leaving valuables in the car.

11. What time do I have to be at the meet-up point?
You are advised to be there by 7am. The last bus will be leaving sharp at 7.30am! We encourage participants not to drive to the event venue, as there are limited parking available.

12. What is in the goodies bag?
A surprise!

13. Can I bring children?
Yes, only if they are age 5 and above, and they should be supervised by you at all times. However those below the age of 16 will not be covered under our personal insurance policy.

14. What should I pack?
We advise you to pack light as we do not provide luggage area at the event venue. Here’s a checklist for you and your bag (blue is optional):
 Trekking shoes or sandals
 Drinking water
 Light snacks, i.e. nuts, chocolate, granola bars
 Lunch
 Extra clothing for change
 Towel

 Insect repellent
 Zip lock bags for non-water resistance items
 Personal medication (if necessary), i.e. inhaler
 Poncho or raincoat
 Camera or video

15. Do I get any food or drink?
We will be providing food or drink for lunch and light refreshment at the event venue. As we are promoting reduction of consumption waste, you will have to bring your own reusable container or bottle and cutlery as a personal effort in supporting our event objective.

16. Which group will I be assigned to?
You will be given a colored tag at the registration counter, the event staff will write your name down on the tag. The colored tag represents different groups. Parents should ensure their children are given similar colored tag.

17. What are the groups?
One group will be responsible for cleaning of the event venue, while another group will go around Batang Kali area to promote “No Plastic Bag” initiative and obtain commitment from shop owners.

18. When do I get the certificate of participation?
You will receive it at the end of the event. You are required to return your colored name tag at the registration counter to collect your certificate.

19. Is there any professional around?
There will be certified Life Guard by Malaysian Life saving Society and certified First Aider by Malaysian Red Crescent Society on the event day. The event staff will carry a complete first aid and medical kit (any medication consumed is at user’s own risk). Officers from Jabatan Pertahanan Awam will be on standby at site too.

20. What time will it finish?
We are scheduled to wrap-up by 2pm – it is safe to keep yourself available from 7am to 4pm on that day, unless specify otherwise. The last bus transfer back to the meet-up points is at 3pm. Waterfall Survivors reserves the right to make modify the departure and return time at any point due to unforeseen conditions of the vehicle, road, or weather change.

21. Can I smoke or consume alcohol or take recreational drugs during the event?
You are allowed to smoke at the event venue, however kindly do so away from the crowd particularly children, as we acknowledge the risk of second-hand smokers. It is not advisable to drink any alcohol beverage or use any recreational drugs during the event. Kindly note that illicit drugs are punishable by death sentence in Malaysia under the Dangerous Drug Act 1952.

22. Anything else I should know?
You should note that clean-up at waterfalls involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our members and volunteers, we will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss due to the action of members or volunteers which are beyond our control.

If you have any question pertaining to the information on this FAQ, kindly email to waterfallsurvivors@hotmail.com  and we will reply you soon.

Looking forward to see you on 25th April 2010! *-*