Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sg Yong Falls on 13th March 2010

Only 5 of us was from Kuala Lumpur. Started our early drive to meet the other Waterfall Survivors members from Singapore and Johor at Kluang Station for a nice well-known coffee before we started our drive to the trail head.

We headed following the signs to Mt Belumut together with the GPS track that Jan has provided to me the day before. After passing by the Felda Plantation’s housing, we then reached a plant oil plantation which is already cut down waiting to be plant with new palm oil trees. Wow.. TOO MANY FORKS. I guess without Jan’s track, it’s really not easy to make it through the maze.  P3130057 (Copy)

I would say that a higher chasis car would be better for the drive along the road to the trail head. With a 4WD no problem to reach the waterfall’s campsite.     14993_377368994576_540739576_3405408_5345978_n   

We then reached the end of the road that our cars can pass. Looking at the GPS, we are about 700 meters from the 2nd bridge that is indicated on the track. We then continued by foot. After 20 minutes, we finally reach the open space. 14993_377369014576_540739576_3405411_7634344_n

We continue the trail. Hmm… Something not right after we proceeded about 100 meters. Hey guys… NOT HERE…. It doesn’t look right. We then backtrack. Took sometime to find the right trail. This is really fun…LOL… But of course…with my kind of stamina, I would need to assign a few runners to check out the terrain. LOL :p… I heard 3 whistle blow.. –THE RIGHT WAY..

We then gathered the other members and follow the trail down to join the other 4 guys. In no time, we reached the first small falls. 14993_377369094576_540739576_3405417_1343167_n

The water volume was not strong, and we saw a small little fall. We then continued following the side of the river. Oh gosh.. the rocks are really slippery. Must be extra careful at these places. Thanks to all the other members that were so experience… with the help from the guys, we climbed through one steep part which was just right beside the falls. Almost spiderman/spiderwoman act… 14993_377369204576_540739576_3405425_7164133_n

The weather was not on our side. We had to make a turn back after we passed a few falls with some nice pools.

We then back track and settled down at one of the pool for our lunch. Guess what was on my socks.. A HUGE LEECH…I’ve never seen such a big leech. Well…. I acted COOL.. hahaha… then get the guys to help me… Usually I’m not scared of the leeches at all. But this one was HUGE. I was not scared, but felt “irri” lol:p Mike came and took the leech and put on his hands to take a pic…P3130049 (Copy)

P3130045 (Copy)After our lunch we all proceeded back to our cars and left back to Kluang. Settled down for our dinner before we headed back to KL.

Although the falls were not magnificent, but the company was great… YOU GUYS RAWK!!!  P3130059 (Copy)

Some pictures are taken by: Ras Farin