Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lata Kijang – The tall fall in South Malaysia

After postponing our event to Stong Waterfalls, we posted an event to Lata Kijang last minute. Waterfall Survivors members gathered at Taman Connaught on Friday morning a public holiday to visit one of the tallest falls in the Southern part of Malaysia. P2260005The road condition is not too good.. but my Nissan Sentra made it’s way through… with no problem at all… :) Thanks to our experience driver Dominic.

The falls is still as beautiful as before. But the sad thing is the rubbish surrounding the rubbish bins are horrible. It’s not the campers or picnickers don’t know where to throw the rubbish… it’s the people that manages the place. No one goes and collect the rubbish there and that defeats the purpose of putting a bin there.P2260008We all took a dip near the falls. As the water volume is not too strong, this time I managed to cross over without any problem and had a nice hydro massage at the falls.P2260025Looking at the weather, it’s time for us to leave or we will have problem of getting out as the road condition will be worst if it rains.

We then proceeded for lunch at Titi, then followed by a short visit to the Jeram Toi. On a public holiday, this easily access waterfall is packed with people… With a lot of picnickers and campers. Well maintained park as the management is really very good… a lot of rubbish bins around the park itself… and people really maintain it well… thumbs up for the cleanliness.  P2260028