Monday, March 22, 2010

The Mighty Julan Waterfalls

This trip to Julan Waterfalls, was organized by Danny from Sarawak.

3 of us from Waterfall Survivors, Harry and I from Peninsular, and Dr. Yeo from Miri was supposed to go on this trip. Due to some unforeseen matters, Harry and I did not manage to make it for this trip.

We managed to get the permission from Dr. John Yeo to share the pictures and descriptions with the Waterfall Survivors members.

Called Danny a day before the expedition to make sure that all the arrangements are fine. Dr. Yeo will meet them on 14th March to start the expedition to Julan Falls.

The later part of the expedition, the descriptions on the pictures tells it all…

Here you go…

14th March till 18th March 2010 - Julan Waterfall is both breathtaking and awesome. Locals divide it into 3 parts the third of which has a drop of 300m, tallest in Sarawak and most likely in South East Asia.
This is not the only waterfall on the Apau Plateau though. Dozens of other mighty falls are to be found in the same area.untitled1 Lunch at Lapok..Everyone is still smiling… and looks fresh..24395_109745049037664_100000065076550_247652_1327614_n We have to share the logging track with giants like this one here. Each has 18 wheels and carries a load of up to 30 metric tons.24395_109745585704277_100000065076550_247657_403538_n Wild boar for afternoon tea.24395_109746802370822_100000065076550_247658_6390408_nAfter a tiring journey, we spent the first night in this lovely rustic surrounding…24395_109765479035621_100000065076550_247741_4027380_n Wah! Chilling dip before lunch. That is the life, man.24395_109767509035418_100000065076550_247769_5939288_n Part 2 of Julan Falls. Our group frolicking near the pool.24395_109768625701973_100000065076550_247776_1069373_nThe interesting part about this waterfall is that it does not go right over the rock surface but pierces a hole below the surface leaving behind a stone bridge above herself. Some tree trunks are shown here stuck in the channel below the stone bridge 24395_110030179009151_100000065076550_248498_1890776_nFinally, glimpse of the great waters can be seen through the walls of trees.


24395_110030185675817_100000065076550_248499_7010560_nThe mighty Julan Waterfall in full view. 1000 ft drop. Praise be to Almighty God.24395_110031102342392_100000065076550_248504_1922025_n Just beside the great waters, all the humans seem so insignificant24395_110031109009058_100000065076550_248506_6150343_n In the embrace of Mother Nature, we are made more aware of the gentle hand of the Great And Almighty Creator.24395_110031112342391_100000065076550_248507_5137278_nThis is another waterfall seen at a distance on our way back. Cannot identify it for now. Dozens of these waterfalls, each at hundreds of feet drop, abound in the Usun Apau area.24395_110031855675650_100000065076550_248512_7400789_n Mission accomplished. Time to leave for home sweet home though reluctantly. Libau left these signs on some barks to reflect the Kenyah "adat".

That’s all from Mighty Julan.

Thanks again to Dr. John Yeo for the wonderful pictures. What a regret that I could not see the Mighty Julan with my own eyes… but from the pictures I could tell that she’s a BEAUTY… I just can’t wait till someday that I could feel her and touch her.. Oh.. Beautiful Julan Waterfalls.

If you would like to organize this trip to Julan Waterfalls, please do not hesitate to contact us at