Monday, March 22, 2010

WS at the Pristine Part of the Gepai Falls 22nd March 2010

Gepai Falls is known to many people. Waterfall Survivors is going to Gepai Falls, but not the usual Gepai Falls. We are going to the upper Gepai which is 2.5 hours upstream.P3210137Upper Gepai

Thanks to our recce team for discovering this falls. Thanks to Siang Hui for the topomap info and Harry for the hardwork exploring the place. Well done guys…

They drive started early at 7am to Gepai Falls. After breakfast they started the drive and reached around 10am. Upon reaching the lower falls, rubbish is seen all over the place. This place is really not taken care of. We think it’s time that Waterfall Survivors should organize a Save Our Waterfalls Campaign here at the lower falls. So sad.. beautiful surrounding with crystal clear water… but with so much of rubbish… pampers, plastic bottles, polystyrene boxes, and etc… MALAYSIANS!!! Can we all be thoughtful enough to clean our own mess after having nice time with Mother Nature? What are we doing to her?? P3210085Upper GepaiLet’s not talk about the sad story… We started our 2.5 hours hike.. A gradient terrain.. up and down… and we reached the the falls at the upper falls….P3210089Upper Gepai Here.. it’s a heaven…. No rubbish at all… pristine surrounding with nice crystal clear waterfalls.P3210095Upper GepaiSome of our Waterfall Survivors members went for hydro massage… while others enjoying themselves taking pictures.P3210115Upper Gepai The next fall is a small fall but beautiful with a real deep deep pool.. NO SWIMMING… too deep… The water is cold and refreshing..P3210127Upper GepaiA place that is so beautiful… Just hope that there won’t be more people coming in here and destroy it like what they did with the lower falls.

After a resting and lunch… we then back track to head back.P3210141Upper GepaiEveryone is tired… but it’s worth all the effort.

~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~