Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waterfall Survivors at the Little Jewel of Pangsun

Soon when the report is ready a new addition for the Waterfalls of Malaysia site..with the help from Siang Hui, we recce this place on Thurs. Today with 26 of the Waterfall Survivors members, we explored the Pangsun River. The trail head is also the old trail to Gunung Nuang...

We started our hike at the mini hydro station. Following the pipeline.... it took us about 45 minutes to reach the first falls. An abandoned water catchment for the hydro station at the falls. The crystal clear and icy cold water OOOOoohhhh.. tak boleh tahan.... SO SO SHIOK!!!.... Some took a dip and rest there for a little while before continuing the hike to the second falls.

The second falls was about 500 meters away. We followed the trail uphill. And then... turn right at a point with NO TRAIL to scramble down to the second falls. Today with Waterfall Survivors members around, we tied a rope to assist them while scrambling down. Giving more confidence... everyone reached the waterfalls safely...

Looking at the blueish water, some couldn't resist and jumped into the small little pool below the small fall..
We started our hike back down to the first falls. A nice relaxing place... with the sound of mother nature.. butterflies flying around... sounds of the water running down the stream... with the sunshine trying to find it's way through the trees.... WOW... (while typing thinking back of it makes me want to go back to the waterfalls right now! LOL...)

Some slide down the small little fall into the pool... while others watching. After a short break, we left the falls and headed back to the hydro station where we parked our car.

The waterfall is very very small. But the surrounding was beautiful and pristine... SO PEACEFUL.. a nice place to relax after a short hike. A place that we could feel the QI.......... hehehehehe..... Waterfall Survivors will be BACK!!!

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. 
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints

WS at The Almost Unknown (?) Kait Waterfalls.

In September 2009, our Waterfall Survivors recce committee Siang Hui found a waterfall in the map. He was sure that there was a waterfalls there. He then contacted Jan from Waterfalls of Malaysia to go on a recce together. And yes... Siang Hui is right... there's a waterfall there! (Jan's report on Kait Falls on Multiply.) There's basically NO TRAIL and they had to slash all their way through with the Orang Asli guide.

Our 80yrs old Orang Asli guide

Crossing the Main River

The tributary river
Today, we went to see the place for ourselves with 25 other Waterfall Survivors Members. We reached the trail head around 10.30am. The Orang Asli guide at his 80's was one of the guide while his son was leading. We were all well prepared for a tough slashing through the jungle and all ready to feed the leeches. 

 Part of the Nice Cleared Trail
We first cross the main river to reach the side of the tributary river. To our surprise, the trail is cleared... NO OBSTACLES AT ALL! The trail was nicely done up with stairs made of woods at tough parts. I was of course so so so surprise... Happy? Yes and No. Yes- because it was so easy and it was not a problem at all for the newbies and practically no one fed the leeches at all. No- well.. no challenge already.... and since it's going to be easily access, this place will be known to many people and for sure the pristine level will drop. Am just praying that one day Waterfall Survivors would not have to do a Save Our Waterfalls program there because of all those irresponsible hikers.

A nice wooden Staircase
We reached the waterfalls in about 30 minutes. A tall and spectacular waterfall. Still very pristine.. not even a single plastic found there. The water was cold....

 The Kait Waterfall

All had a good rest....  with some photo shots.. some food.... some shower...and we left the waterfall around 12.45pm.

A nice bridge to cross to the other side of the river
The Orang Asli told us that there's more falls in the upper stream. According to the 80 year old Orang Asli, the upper falls are higher and more spectacular. I'm really getting curious.

One for the album
We will be back to explore further. Join us for our next event to this UNKNOWN(?) Waterfall.

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides.
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Addition of Waterfall to Waterfalls of Malaysia.

My sifu Jan went on a recce to Lawing Falls a few months back with a few friends. A nice pristine falls in the Hulu Langat region. Another waterfall in the Hulu Langat region being added to the Waterfalls of Malaysia. Check out the site.
Lawing falls

The Ulu Langat region, the backyard of KL, is well known for its many waterfalls. The most popular are the Gabai falls, but there are many more. To visit the Lawing falls you go to Kg Hulu Langat and follow the signboards to the Gabai falls. Don't take the exit to Gabai, but continue a few km until the small Kg Sg Lui where you turn left. After about 500 m you turn left again, near a fish pond. Follow this road until the end, near a bridge....... Want to read more?? Log on to

left click for larger picture
Beautiful setting

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. 
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Recce to the Little Jewel of Pangsun

With the guidance from Siang Hui and Harry, Caleb one of our Waterfall Survivors member went with me to the Pangsun Waterfall for a recce before our trip on Sunday. A small fall that has yet to be added in the Waterfall of Malaysia.

Park our car at the abandoned mini hydro station, and started our trek to the falls as per Siang Hui's directions. The river can be heard along the trek on our left. The sounds from the insects, birds and some gibbons from far made the trek more livelier. The real feeling for back to nature.

We reached the water catchment after an hours hike. The water at the small little fall is so so clear... and cold... Made our sweat all worth the effort. The surrounding was so so peaceful... with the sound from the small river. With some small cascade from far. We stopped for our lunch there and took a quick dip before we continued to the second fall.

We river trek to the second falls which is approx 500meters from where we were. The rocks are slippery. Had to take off my sandals and walk with my socks on to get better grip. We reached the 2nd fall around 30 minutes of river trekking and a little scrambling up the rocks and boulders. A small falls... with a nice small little pool. Looks quite deep to me.. at least above my head... We grab some pictures and about to leave. Caleb suggested we take the slope up to find a trail. Oh yes.. we found a trail after we scramble up. And it took us less than 15minutes back to the first falls. This would make the trek for our members on Sunday easier.

We then stopped again at a first falls for a while before we continued our trek back. Had a nice dip.. in the crystal cold water, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. We left the place after 30minutes.

The falls at this river is small but attractive especially with crystal clear water. Not easy to find a place like that in a stone throw from the city. Another nice pristine place to be explored with the Waterfall Survivors members on Sunday.

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. 
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunday at the Pristine Perdik Falls

Today Waterfall Survivors Members excursion was to a nearby waterfall in Hulu Langat. One of the pristine waterfalls in Selangor Region, Perdik Falls.

We started around 8am and there were 17 of us. Reach the waterfalls around 9.30am and started our short hike to the first waterfall. The rays from the sunshine had a beautiful effect pictures. With the natural green surrounding. We stayed for 30 mins at the first falls then proceeded to the second falls.

The second falls is just below the Main Falls. A nice cascade, with no one at all. After we took some pictures, we backtrack to the main trail and proceeded to the Main Falls.

Wow... nice fall as usual. Pristine condition with no one around. We had the falls by ourselves. Some were busy taking pictures...while others enjoying the natural hydro massage at the bottom of the falls.

 The water is so clear and so so cold. Some were chilling as the water was almost as cold as ice water. After some snacks, we all gathered together for our group pictures. Crazy ppl.. with lots of pose!!! hahaha..

Then we started our trekking back to the car park and headed for lunch at Hulu Langat. A nice Thai Restaurant that exist out of NOWHERE! The restaurant is build on top of a fish pond raring tilapia fishes. Very beautiful environment. We all also got to taste the toddy at this restaurant. It was a first time for many of the members.

We all parted around 3.30pm and headed home. What a nice outing on a beautiful Sunday.

~Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides~
~Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints~

Our Adventure to Another Unknown Waterfall in Malaysia

Not long ago, Siang Hui, our recce committee found a fall on the Topography Map. He then made a recce to this place with Harry. True enough another waterfall to be added to the Waterfalls of Malaysia. Located in a small town in Perak, Dipang Falls is relatively unknown.

In the previous report, we did a recce to Dipang Falls before the expedition to Dipang Falls, one of the beautiful Waterfall in Perak. Dipang Falls was also known as Keluang Waterfalls to the locals.

It was a nice sunny day to visit one of the unknown Waterfalls in Malaysia. Today 25 of Waterfall Survivors members started our early drive to Kampar for breakfast and pack our lunch. We were so looking forward for this trip to the Dipang Waterfalls nearby Kampar.

After breakfast we proceeded to Dipang Waterfalls and started our trek. Today we are not as lucky when I went for a recce with Edwin, Caleb and Sifu. We needed to walk extra 2km as the place that we parked our car on Thursday is full of logs. So we had to park at the school.

We invited the Orang Asli Jinnah to come along with us as a mark of respect to the owners of the land although we have been there. He was so delighted to lead us. We then walk 2km before we reach the trail head. 

About 30 mins later, we reached the first waterfall at Dipang Waterfalls. The volume of the water was strong. No one who sees this dares to jump in the pool. The current is so so strong. Strictly NO SWIMMING. After taking some pictures, we then proceeded to the upper part where a small cascade is to take some pictures. Although it’s a small cascade, but the water is so so swift and strong.

We then continued our hike to the main falls. Scrambled down a path with no trail. We all had to hang on to trees and branches to go down. Finally we hear the sound of waterfall from far.

Many couldn’t resist the beautiful clear and cold water and jumped into the pool at the lower part of the main fall. The water was so cold.. and the current was of course no difference. I floated on 1 side and ended on the other side in few seconds. Can you imagine a beautiful, pristine surrounding with a nice wading pool to dip in?

The Dipang Main Falls is visible from the pool. What a nice setting. A real nice place to relax ourselves and had our lunch. After lunch we then scramble up to the Dipang Main Falls for picture session. Really beautiful waterfall. Pristine with not even a single plastic bag or plastic bottle seen there.

After the group picture session, we all left the falls back to the trail head. Some of Waterfall Survivors Members went swimming and sliding at the waterfall behind the village. We later headed to Tg Tualang for their famous Fresh Water Big Prawns. A nice hike with the Waterfall Survivors members to one of the beautiful Waterfalls of Malaysia.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Recce to an Almost Unknown Falls in Dipang

Today, 4 of u went for a recce. Jan my mentor, Caleb and Edwin our WS member who was interested in recceing adventure join me on this recce trip. One of the Waterfalls in Malaysia that is only known to the local Orang Asli.

We met up the started our drive around 7.30am. And headed to Kampar Market for breakfast. After breakfast, we continued our Journey to Dipang.

At the Orang Asli Kampung, we went and search for one of the OA who happened to bring Sifu there the last round to join us for the recce.

The starting of the hike was very easy. And when it's about to reach the first falls, the rocks there are kind of slippery. A very powerful falls. Even Edwin who's a swimming instructor says it's a real dangerous pool.

We then continued our hike to the upper falls. There is a small cascade. Took some pictures and left to the Main Falls. The trail continued to the main falls was clear.. as those people that collects durian just used it recently.

Now comes the tougher part... Scrambling down the slope with NO TRAIL. And I think no one will figure out that there's a fall there... cos no trail at all...

We reach the bottom after some scrambling. The Main fall is visible from far. Powerful and beautiful. The water is really cold.... The main pool is also a NO JOKE place... FOR EYES ONLY...

We then headed back after staying a while at the falls...and look for nice spot for our members on Saturday.

We manage to find a nice place that we all could stop by and it was a nice recce trip.

Can't wait to go there again on Saturday. The Orang Asli will also join us on Saturday. It's really great that he will be joining us.

Great to add another list in the Waterfalls of Malaysia

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Safety at Waterfalls - MUST READ

Due to recent tragedies at waterfalls, we would like to share some safety precautions and to dos during your waterfall excursions.

Here it goes:-

Bring along ropes, at least 15-20 meters long and immediately find a strategic anchor point to tie the ropes before anyone in the group gets in to swim. This can be thrown to drowning victims and also could be tie to rescuer if a rescue mission is necessarily for submerging victims.

Bring along float. Some may find it childish, some may find it troublesome and some may even think they’re too good and they don’t need one. No matter how good swimmer or how healthy you are, anyone are prone to a sudden cramp or any sudden complication can come without warning. And floats will also help you stay afloat in case of flash flood.

Do not attempt to swim in any pool deeper than 4 feet. But if you really can’t resist the beauty of the crystal clear water, remember to take your float along. If the pool is huge, try to swim around the edge only and not to the center of the pool.

If you spotted a drowning victim, DO NOT attempt to save the victim without any preparation as we instinctively would. Remember to consider these steps in order :-

1) Shout. Shout as loud as you can to get everyone's attention. There may be someone in the group with experience of saving a drowning victim that can be a great help. If not, they can also help to get ready to carry victim to dry ground.

2) Reach. If someone falls into the pool but is relatively close to side, brace yourself firmly and you can offer the victim a trekking pole, tree branch or an arm. In your haste, be careful not to hit the victim over the head with the object that you're reaching to the victim. Simple extend it to within the victim's reach while reassuring him/her. Verify that he/she's firmly grasped the pole, then pull him/her in.

3) Throw. If you have a rope, throw one end to the person in the water. On the other end it should be tied to a tree or held firm by several people ready to pull the victim in once he/she grabbed firmly to the rope.

4) Go. This is by far the most hazardous step. Swimming out to rescue a water-immersion victim is risky and should be the last resort. This requires training and competent swimming skills. Drowning victims are often thrashing wildly and pose hazards to their rescuers. They may attempt to climb the rescuer, trying to get themselves as high out of the water as possible. This simply pushes the rescuer under the water and puts him or her at risk for drowning! When swimming out to rescue someone, bring a towel or shirt with you. Instruct the victim to grab the object, and tow him or her to shore. This allows you to remain a safe distance from the victim. As you get very close, switch to a heads-up breast stroke. Talk to the victim to reassure him. Tell him to simply grab the towel and you'll tow him in. Toss one end of the towel toward him, make sure he's taken hold, then swim toward shore. If the victim should start to work his way up the towel to your arm, use a kick to keep him away. If necessary, swim off and try again. It's all too easy for you to be pulled under by a struggling, drowning man.

1) Water stains on rock walls and debris lines indicate likely flood sites.

2) Always watch the sky especially at the far end where the river is flowing from. If you see a dark cloud or perhaps hearing thunder, probably heavy rain has already poured at the upper end of the river.

3) A large crashing sound from the upper end of the river.

4) The river start to produce foam/bubbles and rises quickly. If water suddenly gets deeper, faster, muddier, or begins carrying twigs or leaves, get to higher ground ASAP. Likewise, head up immediately if you hear the roar of an approaching flood.

1) Steer away from whirlpools and strainers, such as fallen branches, which can cause you to be trapped underwater.

2) Float on your back so that you can see where you are going and push obstacles aside with your arms.

3) Stay calm, trashing wildly will waste your energy.

4) Do not try to stand as your feet may be trapped between rocks or dead hidden branches underwater.

5) Look out for calm pools or shallow area to escape.

That's all we have to share. Please take all precautionary steps as although mother nature is beautiful, she is merciless. Feel free to share your additional thoughts if we miss out any.

Dominic Koo
Certified Life Guard
Life Saving Society Malaysia
International Life Saving

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bunch of Crazy WS Members at Lata Iskandar and Cameron Highlands

Today, our expedition is to Lata Iskandar. A well known Waterfall that people that uses the old road to Cameron Highlands will definitely pass by along the road side. Although this is a fall that a lot of people that might have been or seen... this trip there's 9 of us...

We all reached Lata Iskandar around 9.30am this morning. Vincent and Fahazrul joined us at Lata Iskandar. There was not much crowd there... just a few foreigners who's on the way to Cameron taking pictures there.

The water is so so cold... but nice... Only 4 of us jump in the shallow pool... as others couldn't take the coldness of the water... It took us quite some time to dip our whole body in as it's really freezing cold.

A real nice place to visit.. Easy... just at the road side. A lot of stalls there and the toilet is clean and well maintained. The park itself is also very clean. Couldn't see rubbish around the waterfalls and picnic areas. Thumbs up for the the people that manages the waterfall.

After the our nice dip at the waterfall... took a rest for a while at the side... and some crazy ideas came out... Since we were halfway near Cameron Highlands, why not go up??... Finally 6 of us decided... OK.. Let's go Cameron...

So we hit the road following the long winding road to Cameron Highlands.

We stopped at a restaurant for steamboat in Brinchang Town. Nice cold weather with a hot pot of steamboat is the best thing for our lunch... after nice waterfall... We only ordered for 4 pax but it was enough for 6 of us.


After our steamboat lunch, we went to the Big Red Strawberry Park to get some strawberries and headed to Mossy Forest in Brinchang Hill... We stop along the way to take pictures of the tea plantations. This time the weather in Mossy Forest was not as cold as the last round on our WS trip. The place is dry... and the nice breeze was not too cold for us. Thank god.. as this was not in our itinerary, majority of us were in short pants and no jackets or windbreaker.. We spent more than an hour at Mossy Forest busy taking lots of pictures.. as most of us likes taking pictures.. We had the place almost by ourself cos there were not many visitors at this time around.

Almost 4pm. We need to rush down to Boh Tea Sg Palas Tea Plantation before they close. Just on time for a nice cup of tea and some cakes before they close at 5pm. After the nice tea break, we started our exploring around the tea plantations. Of course a lot of pictures... posing... hahaha....

We left the place around 6pm and headed to Blue Valley Flower Farm and bought some organic vege. Blue Valley is higher than Brinchang so it was real real cold there especially is almost getting dark.

We then leave for our dinner at Ipoh. Went to a restaurant in Pasir Pinji name Tuck Kee for our Dinner. The food is not fantastic... but worth a try... they are famous for their Roasted Duck. So we ordered another few dishes to go with the duck...

We left Ipoh after our dinner around 9.30pm... Reached KL about 12am... WAH.... A REAL FULL USE of our Sunday.. hahaha...

This is one of the nice trip in WS as it was a real real fun trip with a bunch of crazy members. lots of laughter.... crazy stuffs...