Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lata Kinjang Cleaning Up & Lata Yuk

Today, 36 of us including 21 from UKM joined the Majlis Daerah Tapah for Gotong Royong at Lata Kinjang. The waterfall that we can see at the North South Highway.

Our Group Pic
The program started with singing our National Anthem followed by Satu Malaysia then the speech by Y. Bhg. Dato' Haji Md Damiri Bin Md Sairi officiating the cleaning up campaign.

Dato' doing some painting works
The Gotong Royong started right after breakfast around 10.30am. Volunteers from various government departments from Tapah District joined in for the Gotong Royong.

Some were painting, some were picking the rubbish from the river and some were cleaning up the railings of the bridge.

The program ended around 2pm.

After the whole morning of Gotong Royong, 15 of us went to Lata Yuk which is at the tributary river at Lata Kinjang for a nice dip.

Some Orang Asli kids joined us... Looking at their carefree lifestyle... it really helps to take out lots of our city stress. Some played with us in the pool while others were nude showing us how they slide down from the waterfalls.


We left the waterfall around 3.30pm and headed to Kampar for food.... So hungry...We went to the Famous Curry Chicken Bread Yau Kee for our late lunch cum early dinner. The food was great and cheap.

After that.. left 4 of us which was so crazy.... .Just finished the curry chicken bread... NOT SATISFIED... looking forward to try the Claypot Chicken Rice at the other corner of the same street... The Claypot Chicken Rice was really delicious... After that meal... we were REAL REAL FULL.... Couldn't even move our butts back in the car... so we chatted till dark... and headed back to KL around 8pm.

What a wonderful day.. after doing some social works... nice dip at the waterfalls and nice food.