Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Recce to the Little Jewel of Pangsun

With the guidance from Siang Hui and Harry, Caleb one of our Waterfall Survivors member went with me to the Pangsun Waterfall for a recce before our trip on Sunday. A small fall that has yet to be added in the Waterfall of Malaysia.

Park our car at the abandoned mini hydro station, and started our trek to the falls as per Siang Hui's directions. The river can be heard along the trek on our left. The sounds from the insects, birds and some gibbons from far made the trek more livelier. The real feeling for back to nature.

We reached the water catchment after an hours hike. The water at the small little fall is so so clear... and cold... Made our sweat all worth the effort. The surrounding was so so peaceful... with the sound from the small river. With some small cascade from far. We stopped for our lunch there and took a quick dip before we continued to the second fall.

We river trek to the second falls which is approx 500meters from where we were. The rocks are slippery. Had to take off my sandals and walk with my socks on to get better grip. We reached the 2nd fall around 30 minutes of river trekking and a little scrambling up the rocks and boulders. A small falls... with a nice small little pool. Looks quite deep to me.. at least above my head... We grab some pictures and about to leave. Caleb suggested we take the slope up to find a trail. Oh yes.. we found a trail after we scramble up. And it took us less than 15minutes back to the first falls. This would make the trek for our members on Sunday easier.

We then stopped again at a first falls for a while before we continued our trek back. Had a nice dip.. in the crystal cold water, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. We left the place after 30minutes.

The falls at this river is small but attractive especially with crystal clear water. Not easy to find a place like that in a stone throw from the city. Another nice pristine place to be explored with the Waterfall Survivors members on Sunday.

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. 
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints