Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Recce to an Almost Unknown Falls in Dipang

Today, 4 of u went for a recce. Jan my mentor, Caleb and Edwin our WS member who was interested in recceing adventure join me on this recce trip. One of the Waterfalls in Malaysia that is only known to the local Orang Asli.

We met up the started our drive around 7.30am. And headed to Kampar Market for breakfast. After breakfast, we continued our Journey to Dipang.

At the Orang Asli Kampung, we went and search for one of the OA who happened to bring Sifu there the last round to join us for the recce.

The starting of the hike was very easy. And when it's about to reach the first falls, the rocks there are kind of slippery. A very powerful falls. Even Edwin who's a swimming instructor says it's a real dangerous pool.

We then continued our hike to the upper falls. There is a small cascade. Took some pictures and left to the Main Falls. The trail continued to the main falls was clear.. as those people that collects durian just used it recently.

Now comes the tougher part... Scrambling down the slope with NO TRAIL. And I think no one will figure out that there's a fall there... cos no trail at all...

We reach the bottom after some scrambling. The Main fall is visible from far. Powerful and beautiful. The water is really cold.... The main pool is also a NO JOKE place... FOR EYES ONLY...

We then headed back after staying a while at the falls...and look for nice spot for our members on Saturday.

We manage to find a nice place that we all could stop by and it was a nice recce trip.

Can't wait to go there again on Saturday. The Orang Asli will also join us on Saturday. It's really great that he will be joining us.

Great to add another list in the Waterfalls of Malaysia