Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waterfall Survivors at the Little Jewel of Pangsun

Soon when the report is ready a new addition for the Waterfalls of Malaysia site..with the help from Siang Hui, we recce this place on Thurs. Today with 26 of the Waterfall Survivors members, we explored the Pangsun River. The trail head is also the old trail to Gunung Nuang...

We started our hike at the mini hydro station. Following the pipeline.... it took us about 45 minutes to reach the first falls. An abandoned water catchment for the hydro station at the falls. The crystal clear and icy cold water OOOOoohhhh.. tak boleh tahan.... SO SO SHIOK!!!.... Some took a dip and rest there for a little while before continuing the hike to the second falls.

The second falls was about 500 meters away. We followed the trail uphill. And then... turn right at a point with NO TRAIL to scramble down to the second falls. Today with Waterfall Survivors members around, we tied a rope to assist them while scrambling down. Giving more confidence... everyone reached the waterfalls safely...

Looking at the blueish water, some couldn't resist and jumped into the small little pool below the small fall..
We started our hike back down to the first falls. A nice relaxing place... with the sound of mother nature.. butterflies flying around... sounds of the water running down the stream... with the sunshine trying to find it's way through the trees.... WOW... (while typing thinking back of it makes me want to go back to the waterfalls right now! LOL...)

Some slide down the small little fall into the pool... while others watching. After a short break, we left the falls and headed back to the hydro station where we parked our car.

The waterfall is very very small. But the surrounding was beautiful and pristine... SO PEACEFUL.. a nice place to relax after a short hike. A place that we could feel the QI.......... hehehehehe..... Waterfall Survivors will be BACK!!!

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. 
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