Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunday at the Pristine Perdik Falls

Today Waterfall Survivors Members excursion was to a nearby waterfall in Hulu Langat. One of the pristine waterfalls in Selangor Region, Perdik Falls.

We started around 8am and there were 17 of us. Reach the waterfalls around 9.30am and started our short hike to the first waterfall. The rays from the sunshine had a beautiful effect pictures. With the natural green surrounding. We stayed for 30 mins at the first falls then proceeded to the second falls.

The second falls is just below the Main Falls. A nice cascade, with no one at all. After we took some pictures, we backtrack to the main trail and proceeded to the Main Falls.

Wow... nice fall as usual. Pristine condition with no one around. We had the falls by ourselves. Some were busy taking pictures...while others enjoying the natural hydro massage at the bottom of the falls.

 The water is so clear and so so cold. Some were chilling as the water was almost as cold as ice water. After some snacks, we all gathered together for our group pictures. Crazy ppl.. with lots of pose!!! hahaha..

Then we started our trekking back to the car park and headed for lunch at Hulu Langat. A nice Thai Restaurant that exist out of NOWHERE! The restaurant is build on top of a fish pond raring tilapia fishes. Very beautiful environment. We all also got to taste the toddy at this restaurant. It was a first time for many of the members.

We all parted around 3.30pm and headed home. What a nice outing on a beautiful Sunday.

~Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides~
~Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints~