Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Adventure to Another Unknown Waterfall in Malaysia

Not long ago, Siang Hui, our recce committee found a fall on the Topography Map. He then made a recce to this place with Harry. True enough another waterfall to be added to the Waterfalls of Malaysia. Located in a small town in Perak, Dipang Falls is relatively unknown.

In the previous report, we did a recce to Dipang Falls before the expedition to Dipang Falls, one of the beautiful Waterfall in Perak. Dipang Falls was also known as Keluang Waterfalls to the locals.

It was a nice sunny day to visit one of the unknown Waterfalls in Malaysia. Today 25 of Waterfall Survivors members started our early drive to Kampar for breakfast and pack our lunch. We were so looking forward for this trip to the Dipang Waterfalls nearby Kampar.

After breakfast we proceeded to Dipang Waterfalls and started our trek. Today we are not as lucky when I went for a recce with Edwin, Caleb and Sifu. We needed to walk extra 2km as the place that we parked our car on Thursday is full of logs. So we had to park at the school.

We invited the Orang Asli Jinnah to come along with us as a mark of respect to the owners of the land although we have been there. He was so delighted to lead us. We then walk 2km before we reach the trail head. 

About 30 mins later, we reached the first waterfall at Dipang Waterfalls. The volume of the water was strong. No one who sees this dares to jump in the pool. The current is so so strong. Strictly NO SWIMMING. After taking some pictures, we then proceeded to the upper part where a small cascade is to take some pictures. Although it’s a small cascade, but the water is so so swift and strong.

We then continued our hike to the main falls. Scrambled down a path with no trail. We all had to hang on to trees and branches to go down. Finally we hear the sound of waterfall from far.

Many couldn’t resist the beautiful clear and cold water and jumped into the pool at the lower part of the main fall. The water was so cold.. and the current was of course no difference. I floated on 1 side and ended on the other side in few seconds. Can you imagine a beautiful, pristine surrounding with a nice wading pool to dip in?

The Dipang Main Falls is visible from the pool. What a nice setting. A real nice place to relax ourselves and had our lunch. After lunch we then scramble up to the Dipang Main Falls for picture session. Really beautiful waterfall. Pristine with not even a single plastic bag or plastic bottle seen there.

After the group picture session, we all left the falls back to the trail head. Some of Waterfall Survivors Members went swimming and sliding at the waterfall behind the village. We later headed to Tg Tualang for their famous Fresh Water Big Prawns. A nice hike with the Waterfall Survivors members to one of the beautiful Waterfalls of Malaysia.