Let's see what our clients say...

" The programme provided is really a good platform for the participant to enhance team building outside of office hour as it encouraged team work toward a common goal. Beside being a good physical activity for the staff, it also teaches the staffs the importance of taking good care of the environment and to appreciate its beauty. It may be a small effort by the staff but, it can make a big difference in a long run due to its educative nature." - Malaysian Electronic Payment Systems Sdn. Bhd (MEPS)


Dear Joe,

Do thank you very much for a great day out. Absolutely fantastic in terms of passion and involvement. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and a lot of us went down memory lane, back to the days when we are kids and having a fun day at the waterfall.

It was indeed great working with Waterfall Survivors and we do feel the passion and drive towards a greener environment. The organisation for the day was superb and all needs taken care of. In short, it was great working with you and your team. Keep up the great work !

Pua Ching Yee | Customer Marketing Manager

The Best of Health
"Good experience for all of us. We would want to do it again if we have the budget. This clean up exercise highlighted the selfish attitude of ugly Malaysians, litter anywhere except your own home! Very sad too, if we do not treasure & protect the environment esp the beautiful waterfalls, soon, there will be nothing left on earth for the next generations to enjoy." - Irene Chong, Johnson & Johnson Sdn. Bhd.