Saturday, August 25, 2012

One of the BEST Waterfall Hunter in Malaysia. In Our Loving Memory - HARRY NIAN HOI CHONG 18 May 1962 - August 2012

Today we have lost a very special person. A person who is gifted so much in exploring the nature, a person who has very good memory of trails, a helpful, wonderful person. He is also one of the people in Malaysia who has been to countless waterfalls and exploring into new waterfall on Solo expedition or sometimes with his partner in crime Lim Siang Hui.

Harry was one of our committee in the past. I personally got to know Harry about 4 years ago during our first Waterfall clean up in Kanching. Since then, he followed and leaded many of Waterfall Survivors trips till he left Waterfall Survivors in 2010 to pursue his own exploration.

Harry has brought so much laughter, fun and excitements to all the members of Waterfall Survivors during his voluntary service with us.

I have not met Harry for a year plus till last 11th August during the departure for Jerangkang trip which he joined WS. I still remember that morning he was as usual, with his mouth full stuffed with the Mcd's Breakfast Muffin and gave me a big hug when we met. He told me he will continue to Terengganu after the 2days 1night with WS in Jerangkang and will be exploring some waterfalls in Terengganu Region for 3 weeks.

I told him to come back with more new falls for us to explore and wished all the best in the 3 weeks exploration.

I received the news today that Harry have left us. He was last contacted last Friday 17th August with Siang Hui. And also gave Siang Hui a waterfall coordinate. Then after there was no news from him.

Harry was found this morning 25th August after more than a week, somewhere nearby the last coordinate that he gave Siang Hui.

It is a shocking news to all of us. To everyone of us that knew him.

I couldn't imagine that 11th August was the last time I get to hug Harry and see his laughter and smile. If we ever knew that he will never return this time, I guess none of us will ever let him go on this Solo Expedition to Terengganu. 

Harry, we will never forget all the laughter, fun and excitements and all your stories that you've shared with us in the past.

We will always miss you. Please look after all of the waterfall lovers and hunters from heaven above.


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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." -Haida Proverb

Waterfalls are beautiful but MAY BE DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. Take Nothing but photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints