Sunday, January 24, 2010

WS at The Almost Unknown (?) Kait Waterfalls.

In September 2009, our Waterfall Survivors recce committee Siang Hui found a waterfall in the map. He was sure that there was a waterfalls there. He then contacted Jan from Waterfalls of Malaysia to go on a recce together. And yes... Siang Hui is right... there's a waterfall there! (Jan's report on Kait Falls on Multiply.) There's basically NO TRAIL and they had to slash all their way through with the Orang Asli guide.

Our 80yrs old Orang Asli guide

Crossing the Main River

The tributary river
Today, we went to see the place for ourselves with 25 other Waterfall Survivors Members. We reached the trail head around 10.30am. The Orang Asli guide at his 80's was one of the guide while his son was leading. We were all well prepared for a tough slashing through the jungle and all ready to feed the leeches. 

 Part of the Nice Cleared Trail
We first cross the main river to reach the side of the tributary river. To our surprise, the trail is cleared... NO OBSTACLES AT ALL! The trail was nicely done up with stairs made of woods at tough parts. I was of course so so so surprise... Happy? Yes and No. Yes- because it was so easy and it was not a problem at all for the newbies and practically no one fed the leeches at all. No- well.. no challenge already.... and since it's going to be easily access, this place will be known to many people and for sure the pristine level will drop. Am just praying that one day Waterfall Survivors would not have to do a Save Our Waterfalls program there because of all those irresponsible hikers.

A nice wooden Staircase
We reached the waterfalls in about 30 minutes. A tall and spectacular waterfall. Still very pristine.. not even a single plastic found there. The water was cold....

 The Kait Waterfall

All had a good rest....  with some photo shots.. some food.... some shower...and we left the waterfall around 12.45pm.

A nice bridge to cross to the other side of the river
The Orang Asli told us that there's more falls in the upper stream. According to the 80 year old Orang Asli, the upper falls are higher and more spectacular. I'm really getting curious.

One for the album
We will be back to explore further. Join us for our next event to this UNKNOWN(?) Waterfall.

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides.
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints