Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Idyllic Fall in Hulu Langat

Jeram Perlus is one of the waterfalls in the backyard of Kuala Lumpur… hidden in the Hulu Langat region near Gabai Falls. Jeram Perlus is one of the falls that is not known to many compared with the very nearby Gabai Falls.P2280098A 2.5hrs to 3hrs trek will bring u to the falls. Waterfall Survivors members gathered at Taman Connaught at 7am to get ready to the falls. We reached the Orang asli Village about 9am. After our routine briefing we started our trek at 9.30am. Walking through a vague trail… bringing us to the Bamboo Forest… then a path surrounded by a lot of plants like a garden… We could not hear the river at all. As for Joe… she has no worries at all as this is her 4th time to this place. P2280100Joe was leading… and the first thing she warned everyone is… “Bear with my speed as I’m leading… cos I’m always the slowest person” A lot of people knows that our founder is always the sweeper if the leader of the group knows the trail. A lady with no ironman stamina, but her endurance, determination and passion wins it all. She could trek 70 over waterfalls, what is Jeram Perlus trek to her? (but she was really very slow…oh… she would kill me for this…)P2280127 After 2.5hrs of trekking, we finally hear the river from far. We reached the falls around 12pm. I was really amazed with the tall fall that is hidden in Hulu Langat.P2280105 P2280112Some couldn’t wait and jumped in the pool for a nice Jacuzzi. Had our lunch at the falls and enjoyed the beautiful sound of the waterfall. We packed up and left the falls at 2pm. P2280121P2280125We reached the trailhead around 4.45pm. All of us got some leeches bite. Good blood donation. But not as bad as the trail to Trong Falls.

A nice long hike and we ended our day at Lui’s Cafe for our dinner around 5.30pm.