Monday, April 5, 2010

The Lata Puteh Falls 4th April 2010

There’s 3 waterfalls that are claiming themselves as the highest Waterfall in Malaysia. First is the Stong Waterfalls a.k.a. Jelawang Waterfalls in Kelantan, followed by Lata Cemerong in Terengganu and Lata Puteh in Perak. I asked my mentor Jan Stuivenberg from Waterfalls of Malaysia this.. “Sifu.. which one do you think is the tallest?”… “I have not been to Stong Waterfalls remember? But the other 2, visually I would say it’s Lata Cemerong” he replied. As for myself, I’ve seen this 3 waterfalls with my own eyes but I’m not experience enough to tell which is the highest. But my comment would be, Lata Puteh is definitely not the highest. As for Lata Cemerong and Stong Falls.. hmm… good question. Both waterfalls are different…. one is cascading down… and another an almost vertical drop… Anyone wants to comment on this?

Jelawang 11The Stong Falls, a.k.a. Jelawang Falls in Kelantan

P9190065Lata Cemerong, Terengganu.. (can you see the human there?) 13319_384125418909_563423909_3783416_6492560_nLata Puteh from the main road (Photo by Janine Foo)

Waterfall Survivors has been to Lata Puteh for 4 times. This round we will try to make the way up to the upper falls… beautiful and pristine according to our recce team Siang Hui and Harry who went for a recce to the upper falls sometime back.

Waterfall Survivors members started a very early drive to Lata Puteh as the hike is going to take whole day.

13319_384125428909_563423909_3783418_7510475_none of the falls on the way up (Photo by Janine Foo)

Reached Lata Puteh around 9.30am. Started a short hike but no trails to the Main Curtain Falls. 

13319_384125503909_563423909_3783429_1650468_n Group Picture at the Curtain Falls (Pic by Janine Foo)

A beautiful fall that is a triple wow to members that is here for the first time.

13319_384125448909_563423909_3783421_2783418_n The Curtain Falls (Pic by Janine Foo)

After taking some pictures, without wasting more time, the group split in 2 groups. One group will stay at the Curtain Falls and another group who are much more hardcore hikers will proceed to the upper falls.

There were basically no trail like earlier. A lot of trees with thorns.. and steep climb.

Reached another level of the waterfalls. The water are strong which is good for a hard hydro massage.

13319_384125643909_563423909_3783455_936432_nOne of the Upper Falls (Pic by Janine Foo)

A rock that they have to climb up.. It looks easy.. but in actual fact it’s TOUGH!

25692_426453683447_662243447_5386016_5664247_n Pic by Vivien Koay

After continuing, somewhere, they took the wrong trail. Did not manage to get to the twin falls and the last falls but it was a nice and adventurous hike.

They then rested at this small falls.

Back track to the Curtain falls to join others.

This picture is taken at 5.45pm another kind of feeling..

25692_426453743447_662243447_5386028_5785014_n Pic by Vivien Koay

They then proceeded back to the carpark after joining back with the other group who were waiting at the Curtain Falls.

Waterfall Survivors will organize another trip to the Lata Puteh Upper Falls again…

~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~