Saturday, April 10, 2010

Selangor Shines at Chiling Waterfalls on 10th April 2010

Tourism Selangor was launching the Selangor Shine Squad and the Kuala Kubu 4x4 Challenge at Kuala Kubu Bharu Town today. To promote the Eco-Tourism for Selangor, Tourism Selangor have also arranged a Day Trip to Chiling Waterfalls coordinated by Waterfall Survivors. Thanks to Tourism Selangor for giving Waterfall Survivors the opportunity to coordinate this event for them.

2 coaches was arranged at Mutiara Damansara Tesco at 9am to pick up all the participants to proceed to the launching of Selangor Shine Squad and Kuala Kubu Bharu 4x4 Challenge.

It was raining non stop in Klang Valley. Many was late at the meeting up point. We started off our journey around 9am plus..

A terrible traffic at the Rawang Town and slow drive along the old road to Kuala Kubu Bharu as there’s a group from a corporate was having a treasure hunt which slowed down the traffic.P4100033TSSB Chiling Falls

We reached Kuala Kubu Bharu at 11.15am. We were late. The launching was over… The 4WDs already started to tour around the town…WOW… So many 4WDs…P4100036TSSB Chiling Falls

We then proceeded to the Chiling Falls after the registration.There were a total number of 88 pax to this trip.

After distributing the lunch that was provided, all the participants started their lunch at the campsite near the entrance.

P4100039TSSB Chiling Falls P4100041TSSB Chiling Falls

Joe did a safety briefing after everyone is finish with their lunch.

The hike started at 1pm as scheduled. A hugeeeeeeeeeeee group…. started their hike to the waterfalls. The youngest was 3 years old. But he made it all the way to the waterfalls. What a strong boy. With 6rivers crossings.. the hike took about 1 hours and 15 mins.

P4100053TSSB Chiling Falls

P4100054TSSB Chiling Falls

The view of the falls from far..

P4100059TSSB Chiling Falls

Everyone enjoyed so much at the falls. Swimming,… taking pictures..

P4100063TSSB Chiling Falls

P4100055TSSB Chiling Falls

P4100062TSSB Chiling Falls

We reached the trail head at 4.30pm and try to get some food from the stall infront of the ranger office. After a quick tea break, we had some games..P4100066TSSB Chiling Falls P4100067TSSB Chiling Falls

First was the passing game. A ping-pong ball was given to each group. The group that managed to pass the ball the the last person and first to pass the ping pong ball to Joe will win. The winning group got a nice Water Bottle from Waterfall Survivors.P4100078TSSB Chiling Falls

P4100072TSSB Chiling Falls Next was QUIZ session.. well.. We wanted to give away all the pressies that we brought… so the Quiz was just good… Some questions was throw to the participants. The fastest person to answer will get something from us.P4100069TSSB Chiling Falls And the kids.. of course.. we gave them some stationeries a compliment from us.. P4100045TSSB Chiling Falls

Everyone had so much fun… and was really successful…

A BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO TOURISM SELANGOR for sponsoring and all the participants for coming..

~Waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL but DANGEROUS. Take Safety Precautions at Waterfalls~