Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jerangkang Falls

Jerangkang Falls is situated a few miles away from Berkelah Falls which is pretty much the No.1 Waterfall in Malaysia. With the lure of this splendour, WS organized a camping trip and named it "Camping In Paradise" as it is truly paradise in Jerangkang Falls.

Jerangkang Falls is absolutely gorgeous as the water is green blueish and apparently there are 40 over waterfalls with deep pools along the way. That's how awesome Jerangkang Falls is.
A bunch of us including a foreigner joined this excursion and we arrived at the road leading to the falls by 9am. WS hired two 4WD to get access to the start of the trail to Jerangkang Falls. We all had fun driving through gravel road as well as crossing numerous streams. From the streams, one could see how unpolluted the area was.

The 4WDs left us and we were all on our own and that's where our adventure started.
We set up camp which is provided by WS. Some teams started on setting up the camps and I started with the food preparation. The rest went for a cool dip and thoroughly absorb Jerangkang Falls. Once in a while, we would see hornbills flying from tree to tree. Hornbills are the most amazing animals I've seen and we should do our part to protect these beautiful creatures.
For dinner, I made BBQ chicken wings, nice australian lamb, some fried calamari, steamed clams and my famous mixed vege and a nice Peanut Soup.

As usual with waterfall excursions, the hunger pangs will appear at around 6ish. After dinner, some of them decided to hit the sack and some slept on slabs of rocks to view the gazillion stars above our campsite. We were then treated with meteor showers because at that time, the Perseids were on show. What a lucky spot to be in that night.

The next morning I cooked some porridge and some corns before everyone head for the waterfall hunt. Our team lead, Mr Dominic (certified rescuer) guided all of us through some of Pahang's best kept secret. With every climb to the next level, we would be suprised by how awesome and beautiful the landscape would be. One level would be a tall waterfall with a deep pool and the next level would have cascades flowing into another huge pool. There were also gorges that could be viewed from above.

This is my experience. When you are in the vincinity of a place which bowls you over again and again, fatigue or tiredness will never come into picture. That's what Jerangkang Falls does to you. Everybody was in high spirits with the cool weather around us.
They got back around 1pm to enjoy my good and delicious cooking again.. This time is Fried Mee Hoon..
We left Jerangkang around 3pm after breaking our tents.