Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tribute to Mother Nature

On Sunday morning a group of Waterfall Survivors members all gathered at Sg Liam (Ulu Yam) for a cleaning up campaign. We split into 2 groups one cleaning the upper part of the falls and another group cleaning the lower part of the falls.DSC-2199  DSC-2238 38299_450622820538_608895538_6454742_5247027_n     

The cleaning up campaign was great success. Although with only 30 over of us, we managed to collect 93 bags of garbage from the picnic and campsites. 34126_450590515538_608895538_6453790_2667553_n

There’s a burger stall at the carpark. When approaching the stall owner, it’s a real sad thing that I saw. He was sweeping the rubbish that was around his stall area before he set up. It should be a great thing. But why do I say it’s a sad thing??? He swept all the rubbish all into the ravine! I just nicely told him “Abang, jangan sapu ke bawah. Nanti, kita susah mau angkat” I’m not sure he gets the idea. But I couldn’t be harsh as it will create a fight there.34126_450590530538_608895538_6453793_2218098_n

We contacted the local municipal for them to collect all the rubbish that we’ve got from the falls.37576_450586835538_608895538_6453705_1798633_n

A nice clean up for such a nice place is just so great. 37933_450623240538_608895538_6454745_3065897_n

We are just hoping and praying that someday when we go back, it will be still as beautiful as it is.37933_450623245538_608895538_6454746_1433911_n