Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My 10% Change for Mother Earth Photo Pledge

With just 5 SIMPLE STEPS!!!

How to Pledge for "My 10%  Change for Mother Earth"

Step 1: Draw on a board on what you want to do i.e.: I will not use plastic bag, I will recycle, I will not on my air-cond, I will save 10% of electricity & etc  check out here for some samples: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=18891&id=146312188724601

Step 2: Take a photo of yourself or with your family friends.

Step 3: Upload to your photo to your computer and email to saveourwaterfalls@gmail.com with your Name, Contact Number, NRIC and Email Address

Step 4: Upload to your facebook and tag: http://facebook.com/waterfall.survivors

Step 5: Do what you have pledge to help Mother Earth.



Mother Earth needs your help! Do a little by pledging your commitment for a little change to help her.

 IMG_6939 IMG_6940  IMG_6944 IMG_6948 IMG_6950 IMG_6951  IMG_6956  
In conjunction with the 101010 Global Work Party, we are also inviting our members and friends to join us for a PLEDGE TODAY! Why wait?? DO IT NOW!

Submit your pledge photo today. The photo will represent what you have or will do as a small step to contribute to MY 10% CHANGE FOR MOTHER EARTH. It could be “drive less walk more”..., “eating green”, “reduce shopping”, “stop taking plastic bag”, “carry reusable water bottle”, etc.

How to participate?
1. Take a photo with your pledge with one of your family or friends, as we believe meaningful pledge should be shared with the people around us.
2. Email the photo to saveourwaterfalls@hotmail.com. Also includes your particular:
a. Name:
b. IC or passport no.:
c. Gender:
d. Contact no.:
e. Email:
3. Your photo will appear on Waterfall Survivors Facebook and Blogspot when it is approved.

Rules and Regulations
1. The contest is open to anyone who resides in Malaysia except employees of Fitness First Malaysia, and committees of Waterfall Survivors.
2. The theme is “MY 10% CHANGE FOR MOTHER EARTH”. Photographer must capture photo that show personal commitment which resulting in an eco-friendly lifestyle.
3. All entries shall remain the property of Waterfall Survivors who retains the right to reproduce, publish or exhibit them without notification or payment to the photographers.
4. Photo submitted must not have won prizes in any other contest or published elsewhere.
5. All photo should be at a minimum file size of 1MB to ensure optimal viewing experience.
6. A photographer may submit any number of entries and the photograph/s must be snapped in Malaysia. However the photographer will qualify for one of the prizes only.
7. The winner will be notified and they must attend the Save Our Waterfall (SOW) Campaign on 10th October 2010 to collect their prizes.
8. All prizes must be collected personally by the winner or the other person in the photo.
9. Winner will be notified by email or by phone 3 days before the SOW event.
10. The decision of the judges is final and no queries on the results will be entertained.
11. The personal information submitted with each entry shall be available to Fitness First Malaysia for marketing utilization without notification to the photographers.IMG_6943

SAMPLE PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?src=fftb#!/album.php?aid=2060940&id=1232677438

Start date: 1 September 2010
End date: 1 October 2010
Result date: 7 October 2010


For more information please contact Clarence Sim at arqsim@yahoo.com or 016 660 4611