Friday, May 7, 2010

Labour Day at Waterfalls

Waterfall Survivors members started a early drive all the way to Jerantut. We stopped for brunch at 10.30am in Jerantut town before heading to Lata Meraung.P5010199A well maintained park which is only 10 minutes from the carpark. The Lata Meraung is not a big fall but idyllic. With a pool that is not deep. Worth a visit if happen to be in Jerantut town. But do not expect a BIG FANTASTIC waterfall.

Not many people was there that morning. The water volume was not much but the falls still looks nice with a wading pool.P5010201 After some dipping in the pool and hydro massage, we decided to leave Jerantut and drop by Sg Dua Waterfalls a.k.a. Lata Khong on the way back

Driving along the familiar road, the river is visible. OH GOSH.. why is the water so milky??P5010211When we reach the waterfalls, it was packed with families and small groups. We checked with the locals if there’s any illegal logging happening that made the water so milky. Phew… Thank god. No logging. The locals told us that it has been raining everyday for the past few days. This explains the reason the water is milky.

We cross the river. The current is stronger than usual. And it’s deeper too. P5010210

Too many people. So no one swim at the falls. Well… practically also because the water was so milky. Not inviting like usual.

We rested there for about 30 minutes. Had our late lunch and left back to KL.P5010214

We will do a visit again to Sg Dua Waterfalls again soon. Really miss the clear, refreshing water at this falls.