Sunday, May 23, 2010

4WD Adventure to Lata Berembun

This trip was one of the best trip to Lata Berembun. A big huge group of 62 members and committees from Waterfall Survivors went on this trip. We all meet up at 7am and departed to Bentong for breakfast.


Reach Sg Klau around 11am. Everyone was busy taking pictures of all the monsters that was lined up at the car park.P5230218

P5230220 The adventure started around 11.30am. 11 4WDs with 62 Waterfall Survivors members and committees.  Along the 4WD trail up.. we heard screaming… laughing…. hahaha.. My goodness.. I should have brought along the viewcam to record these moments.30234_1490274377024_1238927847_31344584_7750939_n

30234_1490273977014_1238927847_31344575_3911228_n 30099_391850188262_643178262_4128667_5277167_nWe reached the falls around 12.30pm. Everyone was busy taking pictures while others having lunch. Some just can’t wait and jump in the pool. 30234_1490277537103_1238927847_31344620_5177705_n  30234_1490277497102_1238927847_31344619_3234246_n

After lunch, they all proceeded to the upper falls. Almost all the members tried out the slides at the upper falls. P5230221

31249_393452670962_701390962_4190482_3631832_n31249_393452790962_701390962_4190498_199595_n They came back around 3.30pm and some continued enjoy themselves in the cold cold big pool at the main falls.P5230222

We hopped in the 4WD around 5.00pm and the screaming starts again. What a thrill ride to Lata Berembun.

We reached the town around 6.00pm and took a walk around the pasar malam.

The trip ended with everyone having so much fun with the 4WD adventure.

    P5230228 P5230232 P5230234   P5230243 P5230244

Pictures are sources from: Soek Mooi, Soo Sang Yeong and  Phyllis Ku