Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WS @ Templer’s Park (2/5/10)

We all gathered at Petronas Ampang along MRR 2 in the morning. Then we all proceeded for breakfast at Steven’s Corner. We later proceeded to Templer’s Park after breakfast.

We started our trekking at about 10am. A very eye sore thing that we saw was there’s so many rubbish thrown along the side of the tar road that heads to the pool. These irresponsible picnickers which doesn’t know how to take care of mother nature. P5020737 Templer

We continued our trek. And came to the pool. Not many people at the pool. We continued our trekking all the way to the main falls.P5020739 Templer P5020743 Templer The were quite some rubbish strewn along the way. Rubbish bins which are full and no one taking away the rubbish and rubbish surrounding the bins. Sad… :(P5020756 Templer We all settle down at the main falls at Templer’s. Everyone is so so excited. Some settled at the side of the falls to have their lunch. Some of us could not resist the cool water and settle down for a hydro massage. P5020765 Templer The cool water is so so refreshing. The cascade of course not too high but impressive. P5020830 Templer We all left the falls after an hour plus. And proceeded for lunch. A short hike to the waterfalls with a nice cascade. The only sad thing is the rubbish that are strewn along the trail and along the picnic areas.