Monday, August 16, 2010

Jerangkang Perseids Meteor Shower

We started off our trip by hoping in the 4WD from KL.

Stopped at Karak town for our breakfast. After breakfast, Joe stopped by at the wet market to do some last minute shopping. P1100237

Our campsite

We then continued our trip all the way Jerangkang Falls. We reached the campsite around 12.30pm. Started to set up the tents. It started raining… A real bad weather to start off our camping. But it’s ok. With the rain in the afternoon, we are sure that the clouds will not be blocking our way for our Meteor watch at night.

P1100253The twin Falls at just beside the campsite

We had a nice BBQ dinner. Around 8pm plus, everyone settled down near the falls to enjoy the stars in the sky.

P1100271Everyone gathering around the BBQ pit P1100273

A few of us took a early sleep and woke up at 4am. Wow… the stars in the sky are really great with thousand of stars in the dark dark sky. Meteors after meteors streaks across the sky… more than 20 meteors in less than 1 hour.

The sky brightens, most woke up early to start their early hike to the upper falls.

P8150143The upper falls

Total of 40 over waterfalls all the way to the top. Blue green pools all along the way.P8150149Some more….

P8150152More…P8150155and more….P8150157and more…P8150194Hiking back…

After the hike, everyone came back to the campsite and started to pack up.

P1100288Relaxing at the campsite after the hikeP1100292Our group picture before we leave…

On the way back, we stopped by at Bukit Tinggi for dinner. A nice way to end our expedition.

P1100308Waiting for our dinner to be ready

P1100310 Couldn’t wait for another trip to the beautiful Jerangkang Falls.