Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Kenyir Expeditions for our Merdeka Holiday

After picking up the SPIN Network from Singapore from LCCT, the coach stopped by at Ampang to pick us up to start our expedition to Kenyir.

As it is during Puasa month, we had to settle down at Termeloh for our late supper and early breakfast.

P8280289Our boat house waiting for us.

We reached Kuala Terengganu very early in the morning. The boat is ready at the jetty waiting for us on board. Joe’s Mom the Chef for our trip cooked some curry chicken with some vege for our lunch.

P1100479The nice tree trunks in the lake

On the first day of our trip, we stopped in the middle of the lake and our plans was to overnight there. A very scenic view of the lake.

P1100610The lake during our cruise

In the afternoon, we took a boat to Tembat Falls. A nice falls with a large pool but it’s not safe to swim in the pool as the pool is really deep and the under current is so so strong. According to our guide, that pool had took many lives. We settled ourselves at the lower part of the falls to have a nice deep.

P8280341The Tembat FallsP1100528 A Nice sunset at the lake with the beautiful mountains at the backgroundP1100515

During dinner, we had BBQ on the boat. The feeling of having BBQ on the boat is really nice. My first time BBQing in the middle of the lake on the boat.

P1100536BBQ Dinner on the boatDSCN8001

The night was really beautiful with the beautiful moon in the sky. Wilson shared a lot of photography tips with us.

_DSC9055A nice shot by WilsonP1100573A nice shot of the night with the moon raising.

The next morning, Auntie made us Yam with Pumpkin Kueh for our breakfast. Yummy yummy…

The boatmen then later came back with a Toman Fish for us. A snake head one…

P1100612Arthur with the Toman

After breakfast, the boat started the journey to Saok Waterfalls. WOW… the water level was at least more than 30 feet less than our last trip during new year.

The Saok Waterfalls is really nice. The cool refreshing water at the falls. We all had a lot of fun at the falls. Nice hydro massage at the falls.

P8290260The Saok FallsP1100642The Lower Saok Falls

DSCN8031enjoying the nice hydro massage

After the nice massage, we trekked back to the boat.

Dinner was almost ready. We had a nice dinner then all settled around the table playing cards and the photography group started setting up the tripods to take the pictures of the stars.

P1100656This picture is taken at 1.15am

So fast, it’s the last day for our trip. We all went to the Saok Waterfalls again to enjoy the cool water.

P8290287Massaging at the waterfalls again..P8300472Joe with the Ikan Belida

We had to go back to the boat by 10.30am to head back to the jetty. Lunch was prepared. Mee, Mee Hoon and porridge was our lunch before we head back to the Jetty.

P1100710Our Group Picture before we depart

Happy moment flies. We reached the jetty took our group picture then load our stuffs all back to the bus.

What a nice journey. A trip that we will all never forget…