Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Durians and Chamang Waterfalls 8th August 2010

Waterfall Survivors members started off the trip at 7.30am from KL. There was about 40 of us. We stopped by at Bentong town for breakfast. After breakfast, we went all the way to Chamang Falls.

P1090916A nice sunrise during the drive to Bentong

P1090926Everyone enjoying their breakfast

P1090928P1090936A nice porridge for breakfast

The water was gushing from the falls. The thunderous waterfalls that took many lives in the past. The river was swollen that morning. The water level was very high.

P1090937The Chamang FallsP1090940

P1090947Our Group Picture at Chamang Falls

After the nice dip at the waterfalls, we headed to Sg Chetang a small village in Raub. (Joe’s Mom’s hometown).

We reached Sg. Chetang after 30 minutes. A 3 big BASKET of durians of 150kgs waiting for us at the shelter.

P1090958150 kgs of durians waiting for us

Joe’s cousin started cutting the durians. WOW… people with cameras started to take pictures, those without camera can’t stop their hands and grab for the durians.

P1090948wooooo.. nice and yummy….

P1090952The best durian feast we’ve ever had.             P1090953Fuzzzzzz…and the durian..P1090956 Everyone grabbing the durian… surrounding the table

P1090961Ooooo… Yellow and thick…. VERY VERY NICE!


   Members enjoying their durian… Each holding ONE durian…

Can’t wait for another trip to eat durian in the next season… Whooooooooo hoooooooooooo