Monday, October 11, 2010

A Big Bang Event: Save Our Waterfalls Campaign

I woke up today with sore arms, yet I am feeling darn good. Yesterday marked my special 10th October 2010, together with 200 passionate volunteers, we cleaned up Kanching waterfalls for the 3rd time. I am sadden that visitors to Kanching, like other waterfalls in Malaysia, have yet to learn to be more responsible with their rubbish. Cleaning up is an immediate solution, behavior change of visitors is a sustainable solution. Hence we welcome any constructive ideas, you can email to me at

The Save Our Waterfalls (SOW) campaign started off with a big bang from the 98.8FM Environmental Machis, and emceed by Arthur Tan.

DSC_7820Some of the volunteers joining in games with the 988 Happy Cruisers.

Waterfall Survivors Founder, Joe Yap and Special Assistant of YB Elizabeth Wong from Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment of Selangor State Government, Adrian Yeo lifted everyone spirit with an impactful message. Fitness First instructor took the stage to warm up the volunteers, and Brandon Chee from Great Adventure Consultants briefed on the safety and first aid. DSC_5789

Adrian and Joe with the 10:10 Pendant made of recycle plastic bags

ONE WORLD ONE GOAL! Cut 10% of Carbon Footprint

Volunteers takes the opportunity to pledge for the reduce of 10% carbon footprint.

Last year a formation of "350" bags of rubbish was created, this year we form "10:10" with our volunteers!


Our committee, Aaron Chai drew another bang with ice-breaker before they broke into smaller groups. While the majority of them hike up to the waterfalls to clean the area, children from underprivileged homes cleaned the streams area. They later participated in the Olympus Amazing Tough Race.

SOW1010Kanching_047 Dumpsite at the upper falls. 30 mins from base

By noon, packed lunch was sent up to the peak for the volunteers. Shortly after a human chain was formed to bring down bags of rubbish. It was physically exhausting! Nonetheless all of us managed to reach the event area by 2.30pm for a photography session to mark our dedication for a cleaner environment. I got to join the the second session of Olympus Amazing Tough Race. It was truly an exciting race, and guess what my team won! So the day ended with another big bang for myself. Was it the same for you as well?

 PA100011 Rubbish collected waiting to be transported to base

Thanks to Fitness First, Olympus Malaysia, Teva Footwear, World of Sports, Bacfree, Southern Lion and Pansing, as well as the ongoing support from the Selangor State Government, Tourism Selangor, Majlis Perbandaran Selayang and our members and volunteers.

SOW1010Kanching_066Group Picture after the cleaning upSOW1010Kanching_067WS Committees Family Potrait 

Special thanks to medias, photographers, videographers, first aiders and ad-hoc committees.

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. Only attempt with experience guides. Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints