Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hari Raya trip to Lata Cemerong and Terengganu beaches.

The night drive all the way to Lata Cemerong was not too tiring but it was raining since 1am form Bentong all the way till we reached the campsite.

We reached the park at 6.45am. We were the first group at the park. The guard told us that it has been raining since few days back.

We started our trek at 11am to the waterfalls. We all prepared our lunch to bring to the waterfalls.P9100395

We took a very slow and leisure walk all the way to the waterfalls. We reached the waterfalls after 2 hours hike.

The spectacular beautiful gushing waterfalls was awaiting us. This round, none of us in the group has been to this place. Joe was not in good condition and not able to join this trip. But with the experienced Waterfall Survivors Committees, we made it to the falls.

We spent about an hour plus there. Which was definitely not enough… but we had to make it back to the campsite as it''s getting late.


We got back to the campsite then prepared our dinner. Some went to bed real early as it was very tiring without sleep the night before.

The next day, we woke up about 7am to prepared breakfast. We then packed up and left for Kuala Terengganu heading to Crystal Mosque.DSCN8188

After the nice photo shoot up, we proceeded to Teluk Bidara beach. The beach as defined by Joe was quiet, but it was so crowded during the 2nd day of Hari Raya. DSCN8190

We all relaxed around the beach area, while some went for a swim at the beach. We then unloaded the stuff from the car to prepare our campsite and dinner around 7pm+.

The night was still early, we went for a night swim in the open clear warm sea. Later we then walked to the tower behind the beach to have a look at the night sea. And off to bed around 2am.

Next morning we woke up early for the sunrise. Too bad, the sky was too cloudy, hence we could not see the full sunrise but anyway it was still very beautiful with the blue clear sea ahead of us.

After breakfast, we went for a swim then went to the small little cave for picture before leaving to Kuala Abang. We started our drive around 10am to Kuala Abang. A nice beach side with a funny rock at the beach side. We spent about 1 hour and had our lunch at Kuala Abang before leaving back to KL.DSCN8206

A fun filled trip with a great group of co mpany.

We’ll be back for Lata Cemerong again… Next year!