Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A fun day with WS members at Lata Kinjang & Lata Yuk

On a bright sunny Saturday morning, we gathered at Mutiara Damansara and started our day with a breakfast at Kota Damansara. After filling up our tummy we started our drive to Lata Kinjang in Chenderiang, Perak.

PB132641 Lata Kinjang 151110Another 17km to reach

We reached Lata Kinjang around 10.30am. The last time I was there was in February 2010 during the Gotong Royong Campaign invited by Majlis Daerah Tapah.

PB132646 Lata Kinjang 151110Lata Kinjang from far

Reaching near the falls, we could see it nice and clear from the bridge. We reached the carpark shortly. After getting ready, we started our walk to the falls.

The place has been renovated. So nice… The road is so so clean. I was so happy to see such nice and clean park. Was telling the members that it was not so nice before with the old stalls infront.

PB132649 Lata Kinjang 151110Wow renovated with the stalls shifted.. Beautiful.

We crossed the arch and went pass the bridge. And there lies the lower falls. Beautiful!!!

PB132724 Lata Kinjang 151110The lower Lata Kinjang

OH MY GOD!!! Few minutes ago I was giving a compliment… and few minutes later I’M CURSING LIKE HELL!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE???? The government spend money upgrading the place, did gotong royong to clean it up hoping to give the visitors a nice and clean place to enjoy their stay and yet they do not know how to appreciate!!!

PB132715 Lata Kinjang 151110Rubbish… :(

Twisties, Cheezels, Super Ring, Gardenia, Spritzers and many many more brands had a good advertisement all over!!!

PB132711 Lata Kinjang 151110Where’s the brains of these people???

PB132714 Lata Kinjang 151110Near the picnic spots

Some of the rubbish were strewn just beside the dustbin. I picked up a few putting them to the right place.

But suddenly, I noticed one thing… Something just came up my mind! Hmm… how come we don’t see tins so often??? OH… THEY CAN EARN MONEY WITH IT!!!

PB132737 Lata Kinjang 151110The rubbish near the lower falls

well… I better not go or I will start to speak French!!! :p

We all proceeded to the upper part of the falls. I stopped at the middle part as my back is giving way… While waiting for the others to come down, I took my own sweet time with our Olympus EPL-1 to take some pictures of the falls. hehe.. learning progress..

PB132698 Lata Kinjang 151110The upper part of the falls

PB132708 Lata Kinjang 151110Our Group Pic at Lata Kinjang

Around 12pm we stopped by at the stalls for our lunch before continuing our journey to Lata Yuk.

Started our short, easy trek to Lata Yuk right after our lunch. Just barely less than 30 minutes we reached the falls. Hmm… another surprise.. not rubbish but a BIG HUGE STUMP at the waterfall! Well, another kind of feeling of the falls comparing before.

PB132745 Lata Kinjang 151110 Lata Yuk and the big stump at the falls (Now)

P1090030 (Copy) Lata Yuk (Feb 2010)

Although Lata Yuk is just a short walking distance from Lata Kinjang, thank god that this place is still so beautiful and well kept. Lata Kinjang may be taller and bigger, but I prefer Lata Yuk as it’s a place which we can have on our own, clean and crystal clear water!

We spend a long time at Lata Yuk. Some dipping themselves in the pool, some taking pictures while others sitting at the side watching on and chatting.

PB132794 Lata Kinjang 151110hehe.. trying out my photography skill.. still learning…

PB132829 Lata Kinjang 151110Splashing….!!!

PB132783 Lata Kinjang 151110Another view of the falls

PB132868 Lata Kinjang 151110trying out my ND4 Filter.. I love silky water effect.. hehe

PB132876 Lata Kinjang 151110another Slow Shutter…

PB132894 Lata Kinjang 151110Our group picture at Lata Yuk

We left Lata Yuk and start our walk out around 3.30pm. The sun is hot. Thank god it was a short walk. We reached the orang asli village after 20minutes.

PB132960 Lata Kinjang 151110The Orang Asli Kids

Took our shower and left Chenderiang around 4pm. We stopped by at Bidor for our duck mee before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. A nice day with a bunch of new and old members.

See you all soon again!!!                  

Pictures are taken with Olympus EPL-1 Sponsored by Olympus