Thursday, November 18, 2010

Migration of Waterfall Survivors Group to Waterfall Survivors Malaysia Pages.

Dear Members of Waterfall Survivors,

Please note that we will be migrating from the Groups to Pages as the group is bursting to more than 6k members and FB does not allow messaging and invitation to members once hit 5k (that's why we are removing members list. Sorry if you have been removed from the group). Hence we are unable to update members from there.
We will stop postings at the Waterfall Survivors group with effective from 31st December 2010. Updates and events will be available at the Pages.

To receive our updates and events invitation, please add us at our page here:
We can also be reached via our emails or contact Nic 014-6303999, Dom 016-3230230 or Joe at 019- 6787460.
We thank you for your continuous support and let's explore and preserve more waterfalls.

Joe Yap