Saturday, December 18, 2010

MEPS Cleans Up Sg Pisang

Today, 17 employees from MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn. Bhd.) organized a Save Our Waterfalls Campaign as their CSR contribution at Sg Pisang in Gombak with Waterfall Survivors

PC185162 Waterfall SurvivorsGroup Picture before the event everyone still looking fresh!!

As planned they all reached the river side around 9.30am. After a briefing, Mr. Michael Kumar (Asst. General Manager, MEPS) officiated the campaign by planting in the signage.

PC185150 Waterfall SurvivorsMr Michael, Asst General Manager of MEPS officiating by planting the signage

MEPS contributed 2 signages which carries the message of “Please Take Care of Our Environment” with a picture of a dirty waterfall.

PC185157 Waterfall Survivorsnice signage to help create awareness

They started the clean up around 10am. Rubbish was strewn all over. Plastics wrappers, polystyrenes, diapers, sanitary pads were part of the main items collected.

PC185197 Waterfall SurvivorsMEPS employees busy picking rubbishPC185164 Waterfall SurvivorsOh my.. SO MUCH OF RUBBISH… MALAYSIANS!!!  what is wrong with you???PC185182 Waterfall SurvivorsMORE?? sigh

By 12.30pm the group of 17 was really exhausted due to the amount of rubbish that was there. No choice, but we just have to stop there although there’s still more.

Lunch has arrived and we all cleaned our hands then had our lunch by the river. Well it’s time for us to enjoy the nature after a morning of hardwork.

PC185213 Waterfall SurvivorsMr Michael handling their contribution to Joe Yap

After lunch, some went off and a few went trekking to the waterfalls to enjoy themselves.

PC185129 Waterfall SurvivorsRiver crossing to start the trek to waterfallPC185138 Waterfall Survivorsenjoying the nature after a tiring morning

The noble effort from the employees deserves a big round of applause. One of the employee is a few months pregnant mother and she is also there to do her bit for Mother Nature. Another employee is still recovering from a surgery not too long ago also did not miss the opportunity to give back to Mother Nature.

In the end of the day, we manage to ditch out 55 bags of rubbish. 2 signages were installed at the location together with 4 bins contributed by MEPS.

PC185210 Waterfall SurvivorsMEPS Employees and Joe with the rubbish collected. Total of 55 bags

PC185161 Waterfall SurvivorsSignages and Rubbish Bins contributed by MEPS

We would like to take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU!!! to MEPS Management and Staff for their noble effort.

With the help from the Selangor Forestry department the rubbish were transport out with some trucks. They will also arrange some workers to collect the rubbish from the bins periodically.

We hope that more corporate will be able to contribute their CSR to our cause like MEPS did by helping us to clean up the waterfalls or funding Waterfall Survivors for the noble cause. We must educate these people. WE MUST HELP SAVE OUR MOTHER NATURE and SAVE OUR WATERFALLS!!!