Monday, December 13, 2010

PLEASE SAVE OUR WATERFALLS!!! A Revisit to Sg Liam–The Rubbish Falls 12.12.10

We made a special trip to Sg Liam on Sunday with the reporter and photographer from The Star.

Albert Wong with the diapers left by picnickersAlbert with the diapers left at the side of the river

We see people picnicking , putting up tents and swimming next to the rubbish!

Campers camp and eat next to rubbishHaha.. can u camp next to rubbish?

MALAYSIANS!!! WAKE UP!!! Do you know that this might possible to cause health problem? Remember the Leptospirosis cases?? Don’t tell me it’s not related yeah.. Cos when the animal gets sick by eating up rubbish, they will sure cause health problems when we get infected.Can you hear our waterfall crying

Don’t come tell me that “It’s ok… Waterfall Survivors and the Forestry will clean it up!” HEY COME ON!!! It’s your rubbish… NOT OURS!!!

enjoying nice time at waterfall but leave a hard time for mother natureThis is how irresponsible the people are! MALAYSIANS!!!

I don’t blame the park caretakers. Imagine.. there’s 3 caretakers to pick up the rubbish leftover by the irresponsible picnickers and campers… But there’s hundreds of families each weekend!!! Come on!! Waterfall Survivors organizes clean up with more than 300 people each time also it’s an easy job for our volunteers. Imagine!!! Just 3-4 of the caretakers!

63261_482738443448_729973448_5601106_2881723_nMalaysia’s Super Brands by Yee Yee

Sanitary Pad left at the side of the fallsWe even found sanitary pads!!!! HEY ARE YOU STUPID????

Can you all just be more civic conscious!! Can u not pass this down to next generation??

Sg Liam with rubbishWhat an eye sore??

Yee Yee pointing at the rubbish leftover by irresponsible picnickersWe really hope to Save this waterfall. If there's any corporate who is willing to fund us to clean up this falls, please contact us at  thanks a lot.. :)