Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another day at waterfall–Lawing 080111

The weather is not so good today. The sky is dark and cloudy. But a short hike will be just nice for a non sunny day.

A very small group for today. Only 6 of us hence we change our plans to Lawing Falls instead of Chelik Waterfall.

We had our breakfast and started our slow drive to Hulu Langat, near to Kuala Lumpur. We reached the trail head around 9.30am. Started our trek after a briefing by Dom. It took only 45mins to reach the falls. P1085363 Waterfall Survivors

The water volume was higher than before. A tree stump is there at the falls. Possible of flashflooding months back that brought it down or heavy downpour that caused the tree to fall.P1085364 Waterfall Survivors

It was almost a year ago when we visited Lawing Falls. Today, the hungry leeches was out hunting for BLOOD!!! Each of us got some gift to take home with us. At least 1 bite from the bloodsuckers. Barbara, joining us for the first time had 3 bites from the bloodsuckers.P1085384 Waterfall SurvivorsP1085387 Waterfall Survivors

After a refreshing dip in the small pool and a hydro massage, we started our trek back to the carpark.P1086204 Waterfall SurvivorsP1086243 Waterfall Survivors

There’s small cascades near the carpark, we washed up and have a dip there and departed for our lunch.

Joe, as usual brings us for good food… hehe.. We had a sumptuous and delicious lunch with Steamed Fish Heads.P1086302 Waterfall SurvivorsP1086324 Waterfall SurvivorsP1086300 Waterfall SurvivorsP1086305 Waterfall SurvivorsP1086328 Waterfall Survivors

A nice and relaxing trip with a bit of sweat.

P1086331 Waterfall Survivors