Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Card by Blackmores!

Thank you to Blackmores!!!
Blackmores creates Birthday Card every year to be sent out their contacts. This year.. Blackmores choose Waterfall Survivors as their environment partner for this card. A very nice card with environment message.
bday 2010 card_front2
Picture: Bukit Hijau Waterfalls
Courtesy from WS Member: DAN LOW, Penang.
bday 2010 card_front2
The card reads,

“Save Our Waterfalls” is an environmental awareness campaign started by Waterfall Survivors, a social group founded on Facebook. Created and led by Joe Yap. Waterfall Survivors aims to “take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”. Their mission is to seek out unexplored Waterfalls in Malaysia , preserve this natural heritage for future generations and promote a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians while appreciating nature. To date, the 6000-strong group has left “footprints” over 80 waterfalls.

As leader in natural health and wellbeing, Blackmores believes in making a genuine difference to our community and environment. By printing this card, Blackmores shares in Waterfall Survivors’ mission by spreading their message of appreciating and preserving our natural heritage for our future generations.

Today’s the day! To join Waterfall Survivors or find out more about their activity, logon to or email