Thursday, January 6, 2011

a community project by BLACKMORES – Save Our Waterfalls @ Serendah Waterfall 5th January 2011

On this bright sunny morning, Blackmores employees all gathered at their office earlier than the usual hours to get themselves to Serendah Waterfalls. For ONE REASON; Save Our Waterfalls a CSR project organized by their company.

P1056003Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresBlackmores Company Pic

We all reached Serendah Waterfalls around 9am. All the participants was in their corporate t-shirt… RED!!! So you can see you can see from far a bunch of RED people there.

Everyone gathered around while Joe gives the safety briefing. Everyone grabbed the thrash bags and gloves and started working.

P1056005Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresParticipants with the thrash bags

The park is basically very well maintained now by the Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor. WELL DONE TO THEM.

43 employees… so it was a very easy task for them today. We spent an hour cleaning up the bits and parcels of rubbish hidden in bushes and around the waterfall area.

P1056034Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresP1056040Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresP1056058Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresBut well… we still managed to collect 33 bags of rubbish.. Surprisingly.

Around 11am, everyone came back and mingle around the falls. Some started to BBQ their food that we prepared while others swimming in the pool.P1056072Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresIt was a very pleasant day with a nice weather. And GOOD JOB and THANK YOU to BLACKMORES’ Management & Staffs.

P1056077Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresP1056144Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresP1056100Waterfall Survivors & BlackmoresP1056173Waterfall Survivors & Blackmores