Saturday, November 7, 2009

The beautiful Lata Puteh... 7th Nov 2009

We started our journey around 7am plus. A long drive all the way to Lenggong in Perak which is more than 350km from Kuala Lumpur.

Scrambling our way up

The Waterfall came in a surprise
The terrain is very vague, but since Joe has been there, we did not have any problem looking for the way up. The hike was not easy nor too tough. An hours hike we reach the falls. But the as there is 'NO TRAIL' it's rather tough as the soils are loose and a lot of dead trees. If we hold wrongly on the wrong tree... THAT'S IT. But with Joe right ahead, it was not so tough for us. As she will tell us what we expect ahead of us.

Joe and Richard with the Fall
It was a real reward when we saw the waterfalls. The weather doesn't look promising when we reach the falls. But the waterfalls is so so beautiful that we just don't feel like leaving. But because Joe does not want to take any risk if the rain comes and the terrain will become more difficult for us on the way down, we just spend less than an hour there.

Our Group Picture at the Lata Puteh Falls
The waterfall is really something a MUST if you love waterfalls. Really beautiful... a waterfall that you couldn't imagine it's real. Joe told us the first time she went, because there was no trail it took the almost 3 hrs to find the falls. And some members were actually saying that...whether is it true that there's such a beautiful waterfall... cos it took so long that they couldn't find the falls. But thank god, Joe and her committees manage to find the falls and proven.. THERE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FALLS IN MALAYSIA...

 Signboard showing 3rd Highest Waterfalls in South East Asia
It took us an hour to come down... and it was a real nice hike and it was worth all the effort for seeing such a beautiful waterfall.