Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Best Waterfalls

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Saturday November 7, 2009

Our best waterfalls

What makes an amazing waterfall? According to Dutch enthusiast Jan Stuivenberg, who has paid a visit to more than 110 of the nation’s 130 waterfalls, “It’s really subjective, but size does not always matter; location helps, especially if it’s more remote to avoid the crowds.”
While he has been to different parts of the world to witness nature’s spectacular cascades, Stuivenberg claims that his fascination still lies with Malaysian falls.
“What I like about them is that they are often located in a beautiful jungle and that many of them are still quite undeveloped. Such a pleasure, especially after a sweaty hike,” he says.
Here are his top picks for the top five waterfalls in our country.
Chilling Falls in Selangor.
Chilling Falls, Selangor
Prepare to get wet here, even if you don’t plan on swimming! This is because visitors have to make five (shallow to deep) river crossings to get to this multiple cascade. However, its moderately difficult accessibility does not stop families with children from dropping by, as many people think, but it’s worth the adventurous hike. There’s also an interesting fish sanctuary nearby.
Jerangkang Falls, Pahang
This endless succession of over 40 blue-green cascades is one of nature’s finest. Although there is a well-marked trail leading you to the top, it takes a fair amount of strength to get there because of the arduous vertical trek involved.
Seminyang Falls, Pahang
Having only a single tier does not make Seminyang any less astounding. But beware: this powerful and roaring waterfall is no child’s play. Its deep river bed and hostile terrain is prone to flash floods. You might also want to consider going by 4WD.
Lata Kinjang, Perak
These dramatic 300m cascades, which can be seen from the North-South Highway, hold the top prize for being one of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia. Getting to the main falls is easy, but the further you climb, the steeper and more indistinct the trail gets.
Pos Dipang, Perak
Being a recent discovery, Pos Dipang is still relatively uncharted and therefore unspoilt. There is an hour’s worth of trekking involved (past an Orang Asli settlement), but you’ll be rewarded with a natural Jacuzzi and, not to mention, a fascinating insight into our country’s native flora and fauna along the way.
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