Monday, November 2, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow on 31st Oct-1st Nov 2009

Sunrise?? at Panorama Hill
This was a real real nice trip for us. We all met up and drove all the way to Kuantan from midnight onwards.. Had our supper at the R & R... and reach Sg Lembing about 4.30am.

We had a early breakfast. Most climbed the Panorama Hill for Sunrise unfortunately there was no Sunrise but a sea of clouds due to the weather.

After the sunrise hike, we all came back to the market for another round of breakfast. Then headed back to guest house for rest. Because everyone was so so tired, only a few went to the Mines Museum while others were resting at the guest house.

The Majestic Pandan Falls
After the Mines Museum, we all headed back to to wake everyone up and headed to Pandan Waterfalls. A majestic falls with lots of people at the park. Very well kept and nice.

A nice jacuzzi...
After that, we went for a late lunch nearby. We had chicken rice and ordered a lot of side dishes like Asam Fish, Fried Wantan... Wow... surprisingly very Chinese Style by a Malay Restaurant.

Our Lunch at a Chicken Rice Shop
After our lunch we started our journey to Teluk Chempedak. At this time.. Teluk Chempedak is really full of people. A lot of stalls selling souvenirs and the walkway... The sun was not hot and it was very windy near the beach area. Joe was taking a nice nap beside the beach.

Teluk Chempedak Beach
Then after the beach we went to the local products shop to buy some salted fish, oysters, cuttlefish.. and crackers. It was a real nice shop with all the dried sea products.

Then we headed to a restaurant. Not sure of the name of the shop. They serve quite nice seafood and at very reasonable price.

The Sleepy Lembing Town in the Day

After the dinner, we all went back to Sg Lembing via a sleepy dark road. But because our long convey with 11 cars... IT WAS SO SO BRIGHT... and feel much secure for sure. This remind me when we were driving to Lata Chemerong... 1 CAR ONLY... Along the whole stretch can't even see another car... SO SO SCARY!!!

All were so so tired... After a drink at the old coffee shop we all went back took a shower and ended our day.

On Sunday morning, we all woke up at 5am preparing ourselves for our hike to Rainbow Waterfalls. The trucks arrive at 5.45am to pick us up for breakfast.

A Nice Road Sign (better than KL)
We started our journey to Rainbow Waterfalls around 7am. The weather doesn't look promising. So worry that we can't see the Rainbow. Ah Pek was driving the truck damn fast.. and that was a real real nice adventure for those that has not been on Ah Pek's car. Ah Pek was so so nice treated them with NATURAL TEH TARIK...(he step on the accelerator when going through the muds and serve them all at the open truck with nice teh tarik). All were screaming but had real real fun.

WS Members at Rainbow Falls

Fazharul so excited..
Reach the river crossing and started the hike at 8.30am. We reach the waterfalls an hour later. We were so happy as the weather did not fail us and we all managed to see the rainbow over the falls.

It was so so nice and beautiful. Everyone was so so happy and excited. The FB was flooded with pictures all the members taken at the waterfalls.

42 of us at Rainbow Falls
It was a real nice trip and we will be back again next year.