Monday, November 30, 2009

Penang Get Away - Waterfalls... Food... Waterfalls... Food!!!

Penang Night View
This trip was a nice trip. We all had non stop food and non stop waterfalls. We went to 3 waterfalls in Penang... and had food all over Penang...

We all had lots of char kuey teow... grilled sotongs... nice beef noodles... asam laksa.... wow... just too many to name. It was so so so superb... Penang is really the heaven of food...

Nice Grilled Sotong at Gurney Drive

The first waterfalls was to Batu Feringghi Waterfall. Not many people visit this falls anymore. Another name the people in Penang calls it is Nan Tien Men (South Heaven Gate). The volume of the water was a lot.. and it's still looks very nice. But the funny thing about this waterfall is the water has some kind of "smell".... hmmm... polluted?????? But it was a nice visit after a long day of travelling around Penang.

Joe and Batu Feringghi Waterfalls

Titi Kerawang is a nice falls but too many fences around the pool which can be dangerous. The authority should do something about it. The water of the pool is so so cold that took away all the heat in us which was caused by the hot hot weather in the island. Near the falls, there's a row of stalls own by a chinese man. His mom "Kiu Moi Ji" (in hakka means No.9 Sister) is so so friendly. Gave us some fruits for free after a long chat with Joe's mom... hahahaha...

YY having a nice massage at Titi Kerawang Waterfalls

We took the round island route back to Batu Feringgi and pass by a dam which is really beautiful. A lot of people loves to cycle here and jogging on the bridge at the dam.

Nice shot ya... :)

The Evening View of the Dam

The third waterfalls... WOW... a real great falls. A fall that is so so pristine that not many people knows about it. But to reach this waterfall, is a real effort... but of course not for mountaineers like Dan who brought us there.

The Unknown Falls of Penang...

We visited many places during this trip from the Penang Heritage Trail, to Bukit Bendera.. From Kek Lok Si to the Tropical Spice Garden... Gurney Drive for food was definitely one of the places that we did not missed.

Soo Wei at The Tropical Spice Garden Entrance

We had food from Macalister Road to Chukai Streets and went all the way to Penang Street for Chendol...

Here are some of the food that we had... :p.... Saliva come out or not??? hehehehe...

Only One word to describe this trip : FANTASTIC