Thursday, December 17, 2009

The World Wants a REAL DEAL

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: December 12 – Hundreds of Malaysians from all walks of life gathered together for a candlelight vigil at Astaka Sports Complex this evening.

Held as part of over 500 events around the globe, the vigil was a part of a Weekend of Action coordinated by as a show of support and solidarity for the nations most affected by runaway climate change like Maldives and Tuvalu. The worldwide vigil is also a hope the COP15 talks at Copenhagen will bring 15 years of deadlocked negotiations to an end so that a fair, just and legally binding global climate policy can be agreed upon.

“We as Malaysian should stand together as one to protect Mother Earth and reduce the CO2 Emission. Many Malaysians still don’t know how big the impact on Global Warming that will affect our children and future generation” said Waterfall Survivors President and Founder Joe Yap and initiator for the Malaysian vigil.

“Every one of us contributes to the carbon footprint in our daily lives. Driving, disposing of rubbish, eating, and using an electrical appliance all adds to our carbon footprint. What we as a living creature on Mother Earth should do is try our level best to reduce the carbon footprint to be responsible to Mother Earth” said volunteer Sean Lim.

The vigil was organised by Waterfall Survivors and other attendees included members of the Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network (MYCJN), Eco Warriors Malaysia, E=MC2, Help Our Penyu (HOPE), Green Drinks Kuala Lumpur, and other concerned members of the public.

Photo Credits to Ethan Tan