Monday, December 28, 2009

WS Members at Jewel of Selangor

Who knows there lies an unspoilt and pristine beautiful waterfall in the heart of Selangor. When waterfalls are mentioned in Selangor,the usual culprits will be Gabai, Lepok, Tekala, Apek Hill,Chilling and Jeram Perlus.

WS decided to bring loyal and new members of WS for a special treat this time and it is to the Jewel Of Selangor. The title for this waterfall has to be credited to our recce member, Mr Lim Siang Hui for coining
this enchanting waterfall as he was the one to locate it and bring it to the attention of WS.

We started off quite early and the turnout was pretty impressive. As we have conducted a recce on Friday, we estimated that it would only take less than 2 hours to reach the Jewel Of Selangor. Everyone was excited to be on their way to an absolute private, unknown and mysterious waterfall, hence everybody was on time.

The best part of this trek was there was absolutely no leeches at all. Only at the falls there's a few of these culprits. To add to this comfort, bunches of pitcher plants were found growing along the trail which we have set earlier. WS members enjoyed the morning trek especially with the sound of a roaring river at the bottom side of the trail.

Everybody knew we were close to the waterfall when the sound of a thunderous waterfall was getting more louder. The best part of this trip was the moment WS members laid their eyes on the Jewel of Selangor. Some were speechless and some were in a hurry to trek downhill to get nearer to this secluded falls. Ropes were laid the day before by our Godfather Of waterfalls, Mr Jan Stuivenberg so that the members were able to negotiate this slightly inclined slope.

The Jewel Of Selangor is probably a 8/10 in terms of beauty, location and surroundings.

Beauty = when the sun shines directly at the waterfall, you can view an amazing effect of silver white lining on certain sections of the fall

Location = Only 1 1/2 hours of trek and still in the Selangor region.

Surroundings = A U shape of rock beds will give visitors a place to sit and marvel at the JOS and this bed of rocks provides a lot of standing and mingling space. The water is deep at certain section and at certain areas , you are able to stand, even in the middle. However, the current is strong and it is advisable to be within safety limits.

We spent almost an hour there absorbing nature at her best. Most of the WS members started to get to know each other and to witness this event brings joy to WS because all WS wants is for WS members to truly submerge themselves back to nature as well as to forge new friendship.

We reluctantly left the Jewel of Selangor by 3pm and on the way out, we saw a spectacular double rainbow. How lucky were we? To add to that spectacular effect was the mountain view.

All in all, the WS members really enjoyed their Sunday trip and vowed to come back for the next waterfall trip organised by WS and WS never felt prouder than to see WS members having a genuinely fun time with the Jewel Of Selangor.