Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Cameron Highlands Trip 18th-20th December

It was a WET Cameron Trip for the 6 of us. We have Kala and Basky with us on this trip. To add on I brought my mom, my 4 yr old daughter and Eva (my maid) along with us.

We had a long slow drive up to Cameron Highlands as the traffic jam started all the way from Kg Raja. Half way was feeling so so hungry cos it's way pass lunch time. 4.5km to Brinchang was like more than 45km. It took us more than an hour to reach Brinchang from Kg Raja. Some of buses and lorries are crazy. Overtaking to the opposite lane without bothering about the oncoming traffic.

We finally reached Brinchang town and settle down for FOOD! So so hungry at that time.. we had some Chinese food for lunch then headed back to hotel to rest.

In the evening, we went down to Tanah Rata for our nice Steamboat... It was the best meal we had in Cameron. Basky for the first time eating steamboat loves the Tom Yam so much.. After dinner, we drove back to Brinchang and headed to the night (wet) market. Strawberry Ice Cream was good in the cold cold nite...  The grilled sweet corns made real good supper. We then headed back to hotel to sleep.

We will never take the hotels in Brinchang EVER AGAIN! It was so so noisy cars, ppl without hotels walking on the streets talking... lorries, buses... OH GOSH... OUR WORST NIGHTMARE and 5am the mosque prayers really gave us a nice wake up call.

We woke up about 8am then headed for breakfast and started our journey of the day. MOSSY FOREST was our first destination. WOW...It's an ICY COLD DAY! It was a real real good experience at the mossy forest. So cold.. and nice...

The next place we headed was to the Sg Palas Tea Plantation. Really nice.. so so much of pictures from there..

We visited places like the Raaju Strawberry Farm (not a recommendation), The Butterfly Farm, The Bee Farm, Rose Valley, The Big Red Strawberry Farm (must visit.... real big STRAWBERRIES), The Kea Farm Market Place and last the Blue Valley...

This trip was a real fun trip. Although we canceled our waterfalls excursion due to the weather. But all the non stop food.. non stop shopping of veges and strawberries... was just so nice... with the icy cold weather in Cameron.

But bear in mind.... DON'T GO DURING PUBLIC HOLIDAYS... Traffic jam will waste a lot of your time.. and DON'T EVER STAY IN BRINCHANG TOWN... SO SO SO NOISY!!! You won't get any good sleep AT ALL!