Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Recce to an Almost Unknown Falls in Selangor

Today is one of the tiring trip for me... 4 of us... Teoh from our recce team, together with Nic, Ping and I. We went on a recce trip for our pre expedition on coming Sunday.

The trail is not tough, but due to the terrain was basically covered by all the ferns in one path, we actually CHOP all our way through... 

It's a nice trail that we could tell that not many people been there. And of course, Teoh, Siang Hui and Harry was the only people that been there from WS. Hence Teoh was leading us there today.

The trail now near the fern path is basically cleared... and it would be easy for our members to go on Sunday.

There's one thing that I really want to express.. I been to many recce trips, but this one.. first time I'm really doing the chopping.. So I really respect our 3 recce gentlemen.... I had some cuts and thorns on my hands.. and my hands are still shaking after chopping quite a path... And they are practically doing it most of the time and didn't complain about it... Thanks guys.. you guys really ROCK!

A Round of Applause to our Recce Team...


Our Mr. Crazy Explorer - Siang Hui

Mr. Red Speedo -Teoh

Mr.Harry the Potter..

Along the way.. we saw a lot of pitcher plants.. really beautiful.

To reach this falls we really had to scramble down a steep slope.. basically NO TRAIL. And this is the most difficult part of the terrain. Well... beginners should not try to attempt this. As footing is very important technique for this part.

We reach the waterfalls around 11.30am. A nice private pool. The undercurrent is not strong.. but the falls is definitely very powerful...

After a nice dip at the big pool, we scramble up the steep slope...and continued our way back to the trail head.

It was a nice 2 hours trek to reach the falls. Well.. of course with all the obstacles we faced.. it took us more than that for getting in... hahaha... But coming out.. it was not that long.

We then headed to WK for our Curry Milk Prawns.. delicious as ever...

A real nice way to spent our Christmas...