Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Strata Adventure....

This trip is a trip of many firsts for me and probably to my gang of err merry makers. In the car sat Marco, my Swiss colleague, also a first timer with Waterfall Survivors, my sis, my BIL, meaning brother in-law (not the Malay term for invoice) and Miss Chan. It is the first time that my wife sat in another car on the way to a waterfall cause I “over” invited my friends and family. It is also the first time I have so many insects buzzing around me while hiking in. Okay enough of firsts. By the way it is also the first time I trudge through a muddy oil palm plantation to get to a waterfall. Okay that was the last first I am going to talk about ..
 Trekking on the way to the falls
The day started of well enough with me going to the toilet and bombing whatever I didn’t like, if you get what I mean. Maybe I inadvertently killed the cousins of those dratted insects that they get back at me when we started to hike to Strata Falls..I swore one of them said to me..”You killed my brother!!!” Before he could do anything further I sprayed on him some sweet nectar called Ridsect. Kidding.. I guess when you do not have enough sleep you tend to blab nonsense..

Serious now..

We arrived at Diamond Creeks at nine plus and already we could feel the sting of the merciless sun when we alighted from our cars. Joe started the briefing quickly. I think she’s also melting under the sun. There were twenty seven of us. I added to what Joe said by advising the members of the numerous forks on the way in, hence we need to stick together. One guy asked me ”Fox? Here?” I need to answer in Malay, “Cabang”. Maybe my pronunciation sucks..

We roped in Edwin to help as he uses the parang like a samurai uses his sword. Plus he is keen to re-discover the trail he followed last time. By the way this handsome chap is Edwin:
Edwin with his camera
I know you readers are waiting for pictures of cute chicks. Please be patient.
Arriving at Strata Falls
The following showed how we started, what we saw and what we did:
Chun Mun trying to save her shoes
It was an enjoyable trip overall. It was a very good mix of people. We have the reserved ones like Vincent, the experienced ones like Ong, the SURVIVOR Chun Man, blah blah blah....Our timing couldn’t be more perfect as it started to rain almost right after we boarded our cars to leave.

Final Score - Leech 1: Nick (which is me) 0

By the way, about the pretty chicks I’ve mentioned earlier..

I forgot to take their pictures.

By: Nicholas Tan

Waterfalls are beautiful but extremely DANGEROUS. 
Only attempt with experience guides. 
Take Nothing but Photographs, Leave Nothing but Footprints